In loving memory of

Berit Anderson

After experiencing digestive issues for the past month or so, Berit was diagnosed with bile duct cancer (very aggressive) which had spread to lymph nodes and her small intestine. The prognosis was poor and she wasn't eating well (not characteristic!), so we said goodbye at the vet's, in the company of a compassionate doctor and one of our favorite vet techs.

Berit will be missed!

Adopted from RAGOM rescue over 10 years ago, our very shy girl became a force of nature when secure in the comfort of her own home and yard. Berit loved exotic/international cuisines, barking at passers-by, wrestling with her late brother Alasdair, showing her new sister Skye the ropes, giving directions to her humans regarding meals and excursions outside, carrying her toys around, looking out her back door for hours on end, chasing rabbits, teasing those she trusted and loved, and more. Berit was nosy and observant, smart, sensitive, funny, and beautiful.

We rejoice in her time on earth and in the memories she left us.


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