In loving memory of

Waffles Scheid

Our dearest Waffles was one of two original dads to our entire cat family. He showed up on our doorstep a couple years after we moved in and brought along his girlfriend, Mama, with nine adorable kittens that were happily welcomed inside. He's a big reason why we have so much love in our lives. While he had a bit of a catitude every once in a while (he made sure to tell you when he wasn't getting enough attention), he was an incredibly sweet and chill gramps, watching tv on the back of the couch every night. It was the cutest thing when you would see half-blind Waffs play around with a toy :) Waffles loved being outside and we made sure to bring him down to enjoy the lake as many summer days as we could. He made besties with a previous loss of ours, Puff, whom he let walk all over his fluffy face. Our Waff-Man lived a long life and we knew the end would come eventually; we're so blessed to have had him as part of our family and he will eternally be missed. We love you buddy.


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