In loving memory of

Sammy Winger

Sammy was born 7/5/2017 and passed away Feb. 15th, 2021, he was one of my boys that I Loved and still Love very very much. He was our 2nd Hedgie and he loved to explore. He would walk around with kind of a waddle and it seemed like he checked out the area with his nose, he was always sniffing. He got sick about a couple of months ago and I tried everything to get him healthy, but nothing worked. It seems he had colon cancer, so I decided (hardest decision I've made) it was better for him not to suffer and let him go to the Rainbow Bridge and see his friends Oliver, Oliver Jr. and Piper along with all the others there. I keep asking myself, why would an animal get sick, much less have a cancer and be made to suffer, it sure seems cruel. But I don't make the rules, although I can and will always Love and miss Sammy, Oliver, Oliver Jr. and Piper every day.