In loving memory of

Carol Ann Horling
January 18, 1947 - March 9, 2021

Carol A. Horling, formerly of Rahway NJ and having recently moved to Brick NJ, went to sing with the choir of angels on March 9th, 2021, after a long battle with cancer. Born on January 18,1947 to Frank and Ann Mastrangelo in Rahway, she leaves behind her devoted son Jimmy; loving daughter Jennifer and son-in-law John; adorable grandsons Jaxon and Travis, as well as her brother- and sisters- in-law, so many nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and many more. She passed away on the same day as her loving mother, 5 years prior, who welcomed her home with open arms as she joined her devoted, late husband, James E. Horling, father, parents-in-law, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and dear friends who went before her.

The term " One of a Kind" is often used to describe the woman Carol was. To know her, was to love and understand her. Carol was the life of the party, a typical "Jersey Girl," who adored the town in which she grew up. Her Rahway roots remained deep. The relationships she built with the people she cherished lasted her entire life; even her "paperboy" and dear friend from grade school flew to see her in her final days. Carol was actively involved as a member of the Rahway Class of 1965 Reunion Committee and fondly talked about her classmates and the times they shared. Carol loved the ocean and although she looked forward to trips to St. Maarten, nothing topped the Jersey Shore where she'd spend her summers soaking up the sun and later retire.

Carol loved her children more than anything and was proud of the adults they became. Friends of her children fondly remember Carol as the "cool mom" or their "second mother." Carol loved her children's friends as if they were her own, often inviting them over or messaging them on Facebook. A friend of her daughter and son even flew to see her one last time. She was avidly involved in her children's school days as a class mother, field trip chaperone, music and theatre volunteer. She never missed a football game to watch her son play or her daughter cheer. Every teacher, administrator, student and parent knew who Carol was.

Carol lived to have a good time and never wanted to grow up. Her late husband would often refer to her as "the world's oldest teenager," He even kept a list of all the words she'd mispronounce, so we could tease her. Carol's first battle with cancer began in her breast, but through early detection it was caught and treated. She religiously walked for breast cancer each October in Point Pleasant, wearing some ridiculous costume, ending up at the Tiki Bar to celebrate life. Several years later, cancer came back for its next battle with Carol. Little did it know, she'd put up such a fight.

Immediately following chemotherapy treatments, you'd often find "Carol Karaoke" at Café Z, Molly McGuires, Mario's or Bart's singing karaoke to her adoring fans. Some of her classics included "Old Time Rock and Roll" or "Crazy," which were among some of the songs played at her bedside. Carol never admitted the magnitude of strength she had during her fight, but those who loved her admired her courage and refused to let her fight alone. One of her lifelong and beloved besties stayed by her side during her trip to Texas, where Carol spent her last weeks of life near her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. There was nothing Carol wanted more than to be a grandmother, and she adored her grandsons. When she couldn't be with them, she Facetimed or sent them something from Amazon. Spoiling her boys was the highlight of her Grandma duties.

Carol was tremendously loved and will be sorely missed. Her son and daughter were able to be with her in the end. Her daughter held her hand as she took her last breath. Life without Carol will never be the same, but the memories and happier times will always be unforgettable.


Carol Burket wrote on Mar 28, 2021:

"I have known Carol my entire life. We have good memories living across the street from her, in our childhood and again when Jim and Carol were first married. Being her bridesmaid was special for me because she was beautiful and fun to be with and I wanted to be her friend. Everytime I display my nativity scene, I remember doing ceramics with her and that was the last piece I did in 1971. I always admired her piano playing along with her singing. Recently I started taking piano lessons due to her inspiration. The life of the party, wearing funky outfits, and her bright smile will stay with me for many years. I will truely miss Carol and her Christman Italian cookies. No one can make a better cookie. She would always give me some because she knew how much I like them. It's comforting to know Carol is pain-free and livng at peace with Jim. May you rest in peace and may the perpetual light shine brightly. your loving sister-in-law, Carol horling Burket"

Ron Brooks wrote on Mar 26, 2021:

"Carol and I met while I was performing with Dr Cheeko Band at Martell?s Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant nearly 30 years ago. I will always treasure our friendship and the support she gave to our Special Olympics ?Polar Bear Plunge ? and the walk for Breast Cancer. Music and Karaoke will never be the same here again at the Jersey shore. Thank you for sharing an ?angel? with us. May God wrap his loving arms around Carol until we meet again "

Carol Mandela wrote on Mar 17, 2021:

"I visited a few weeks after they moved to Brick, Jim was so proud to show all the great work he did in the house and Carol was looking forward to Jen and the Grandson?s visit. Carol and I went out for Ice Cream Sundays, never thought that would be the last time I?d spend with them. It is hard to believe they are gone. There was never a dull moment with Carol, always the first to get up to sing or dance. I will never forget the day Carol visited my nursery school class dressed in a Teddy Graham costume?? I pray that God can comfort the family enduring this enormous loss.??????"

Valerie Kidd Boyle wrote on Mar 16, 2021:

"I was proud to call Carol my friend! We first met in the 70s when we belong to the Clark players community theater and the Rahway Revelers Community Theater. And she was upset because she didn?t get a bigger part and I told her we?ll have fun being in the chorus because there?s less pressure. We got closer as we saw each other at our kids school functions . Singing karaoke and entertaining was what we have in common and kept us friends. She was always ready for a good Time. We had a blast together and I will miss her tremendously. I?m more in the loss of Carol with all of you!! May she soar with the Angels. I know she?ll be there to greet us with a song , a drink and a smile !!! Rest in peace my dear friend. ????"

Tina Cushing wrote on Mar 16, 2021:

"Carol was always in my memory since we grew up together. Smitten with her beauty, smile and fun spirit, my brother married his "Girl Next Door". So sorry, Jen and Jimmy. We all mourn their loss with you. "

Pauline Vanuk Tango wrote on Mar 16, 2021:

"Condolences to the families, they have been through so much. Carol and I went to Franklin School, and all through our school years. She was a very special person, and will be missed. "

Antoinette wrote on Mar 16, 2021:

"Carol I have such great memories of us when you first moved to brick next door to me and how you and Jim transformed the back house to a great summer getaway with all your great signs and beach decor. You were truly a Jersey girl to the hilt and you showed me lavalette which is still one of my favorite beach towns. Carol I can only say it was great to have you in my life and I will truly miss you and Jim. I?m glad you are not suffering I think about you everyday and my life will not be the same without you in it. I truly will always take your advice and live my life to the fullest and hope your always with me love ?? you my dear friend "

Linda Horling wrote on Mar 16, 2021:

"I?ve known Carol for more than 50 years. She and Jim stay together through thick and thin and raised a beautiful family. Her whole life with her kids and her grandchildren. My heart goes out to them. We affectionately called Carol ?Crazy Carol? . She was always the life of the party. Now she?ll be partying with the weather for life Jim. God bless you Carol ?????"

Noreen Scott (Del Gaudio) wrote on Mar 16, 2021:

"Carol was a unique and wonderful individual and would do anything for her friends. She was the life of the party wherever she was. Carol recruited you to "get involved" (who could say no?) My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. Rest in peace Carol."

Susan Hoagland wrote on Mar 16, 2021:

"My condolences to Carol's family. She was a loving person, we graduated together in 65 and her son Jim and my daughter Sherri graduated together in 92. May you RIP and be together again with your loving husband."

Meg Bieloski wrote on Mar 16, 2021:

"I am one of the Horling family who lived across the street from Carol. She was always part of our lives. We'd play kickball in the street and hide-and-seek in the dark until our mothers called us in for dinner. What I remember best is that our brother Jim always had a crush on Carol. How could he not? She was beautiful and fun. As in a fairy tale, they married and raised a family together, living exuberantly to the end"

Deanna Vigil wrote on Mar 16, 2021:

"I'm so sorry for your loss. She was so kind and loving. I wish I got to see her one last time to give her a hug. I know she didn't know my grandma but I think my grandma will look for her and hug her for me. She will be missed. RIP "

Scott J Smith wrote on Mar 16, 2021:

"Sincere condolences to the Masterangelo, Horling and Quincey families. Carol truly was a one-of-a-kind who will never be forgotten my her many friends and classmates. May she rest in eternal peace."

Christopher Corbin wrote on Mar 14, 2021:

"She loved to sing and She would send me pictures of the grands. She would always try to get me to go to her karaoke spots so she and I could do duets."