In loving memory of

Mitchell Joseph Biondi
December 20, 1957 - March 16, 2021

Mitchell Joseph Biondi, 63, passed away on the morning of Tuesday, March 16, 2021 in his home in Houston, TX with his family by his side, after six years of living with sarcoma cancer. Mitch was born on December 20th, 1957 in San Francisco, California, home of his beloved 49ers, to Shirley Smith and the late Rudolph Biondi.

Mitch's exceptional intelligence was clear from an early age. From founding the "North American Mammal Society" as a second grader, to graduating salutatorian from his high school and attending University of California Berkeley on a full academic scholarship, Mitch's intellect and tenacity were evident to all who met him. He graduated with a bachelor's of science in chemical engineering in 1980 and accepted a job at Brown & Root (later to be KBR) in Houston, Texas. Mitch's work defined him in many ways. He met complex engineering problems with enthusiasm, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail day in and day out over his 40 years at the company.

In 1986, Mitch met his lifelong companion and wife Susan. They started their family together and had three children: Annie, Sebastian, and Johnny. He enjoyed spending time with his family, refining his extensive music collection, cooking Italian food, being in nature, bird watching, reading, and of course, watching sports. Mitch was a diehard sports fan, especially when it came to his California teams.

Mitch was preceded in death by his father, Rudolph Biondi. He is survived by his mother, Shirley Smith, and his stepfather, Clark Smith; his siblings, Gary and Tracy; his wife and three children. His family would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to all of our family and friends near and far, to Mitch's supportive co-workers, and to his dedicated care team at MD Anderson.

A virtual memorial service will take place this Sunday, March 21st at 4:00 in the afternoon CDT. You can join the zoom through this link

Our family requests that any donations be made on Mitch's behalf to FASD Communities, an organization dedicated to supporting young adults with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, as Mitch always wished for a more accepting and accessible world for his youngest son.

He will be remembered as an extremely intelligent, persevering, hardworking, and deeply caring man who loved his family, and above all, wanted everyone in his life to be happy.


Mario Castillo wrote on Apr 2, 2021:

"I want to send my Condolences to the Biondi Family Sorry for your loss. I haven't seen Mitch in a long time since we were kids growing up in SSF , I remember all the fun times we had playing football and baseball , I remember Mitches laugh , I spent a lot of time with His Brother Gary we are the same age and My brother Julio was Mitches age , I remember Tracy as well. I miss those days and will remember them always . Rest in Peace Mitch Mario Castillo "

Danell Dykstra wrote on Mar 26, 2021:

"So sad to hear the news. I have many great memories of working with Mitch in Coal Monetization. He would enthusiastically explain engineering and help anyone on the team with challenges. He had a great sense of humor. He would tell a story and then pause and make that smile, like do you understand the problem here? I am grateful to have worked with him. Susan, he spoke so kindly about you and raced to pick up when he saw you on the phone caller id. The pictures of Annie, Sebastian and Johnny were proudly on his desk. The kids were his favorite subject. So sad for your loss."

Vishal Shastri wrote on Mar 22, 2021:

"I have known Mitch since last 10 years since I joined KBR. In these 10 years, I was blessed to work very closely with him for six years. He was such an amazing human being who cared more for others than himself. He was more like a fatherly figure to me. I will miss him forever. He would always want to explain how things worked and always excited to teach what he learnt from all the new technologies and processes he would work. He would also find out ways to make processes efficient that were provided by other technology vendors. I have also known Annie, Sebastian, and Johnny through Mitch as well. Maybe it be Annie's Texas 4K bike ride, or the research work she did for the FAS. Or her high school project for which Mitch asked me to fill in the survey about the challenges I had in process of moving from India to the US for higher studies. And eventually working in the US. Sebastian and Johnny - with all his weekend activities he did. May it be camping in the backyard or playing baseball. He was such an amazing human being, always caring for people and humble and eager to learn. I wish I could spend more time with Mitch. But whatever time I spent was enlightening one. KBR will miss Mitch for years. We don't get such a loyal, hardworking, intelligent personnel so often and easily. May Mitch's soul rest in peace! May god give strength to Susan, Annie, Sebastian, and Johnny during these tough times. "

Susan Cannon wrote on Mar 22, 2021:

"I can't remember when I met Mitch; I guess it must have been when MW Kellogg merged with Brown & Root. It was a joy talking with Mitch and working with him on any project. As time went on and roles changed, I knew that any issue Mitch needed support with was going to be a good one. He brought delightful challenges that helped increase my own knowledge. He was not stingy with his knowledge and would gleefully share with his coworkers. He helped make anyone he worked with a better engineer. His smile and positivity were contagious. Though our interactions were few and far between, I always enjoyed them. My deepest condolences to his family and close friends. Not only have they lost an incredible soul way too soon, the engineering world has lost a brilliant talent. Susan Cannon "

Nitin Talreja wrote on Mar 22, 2021:

"I met Mitch when I joined KBR in 2013. The patience Mitch showed in welcoming new members to the KBR family, the ingenuity with which he solved tough challenges, the worldly knowledge he had of culture, people, beer, medicine, etc. were second to none. He was always calm and composed. He loved his sports and it was easy to have those deep discussions with him. Whatever words we express here is far too little for a great man Mitch was. You will be missed Mitch. Prayers for you and your family."

Celeste wrote on Mar 21, 2021:

"What a beautiful, touching ceremony. I am so thankful to have learned more about the incredible person Mitch was. Susan, we love you and your family and look forward to seeing his light live on through you and all that knew him. Your Lymbar family is here for you, always."

Marcus W Falleaf wrote on Mar 21, 2021:

"Only met Mitch a couple times through a mutual buddy, Dan King. Although Mitch was already sick when I met him, we had an awesome time at a Rice football game and a couple beers. My prayers are with Mitch and his family at this time of loss. Respectfully, Marcus W. Falleaf"

Mike Poulin wrote on Mar 21, 2021:

"Mitch and his family have been longtime friends of ours. We admire and respect Mitch for the person that he was: passionate about just causes, an advocate for his wife and children, a consummate engineer, and a tireless warrior in his battle against cancer. Rest in peace, Dear Friend Mike and Ann Poulin "

Alisa Allen wrote on Mar 21, 2021:

"Heartfelt, loving thoughts to you and the children, Susan. So grateful for that Thanksgiving we (me and my mom) met Mitch and got to spend time with him, you and the children. It was our first vegan Thanksgiving (Yummy!). I remember Mitch being kind, witty and very generous in sharing you all (his incredible family) with us on that special holiday. I will remember Mitch best through the eyes and stories relayed by those who loved (His family) and knew him best. Through your stories I saw him as resilent, loving and devoted. His presence is leaving an indelible impression on those he met along his jourmey. Much love to you and the children. Alisa Allen"

Faisal Mohmand wrote on Mar 21, 2021:

"I met Mitch at KBR about 20 yrs ago and feel blessed to have known such a special, talented, and thoughtful person. His smile and pleasant personality drew everyone in and anyone who spent time with Mitch got to know a few things pretty quickly ? his brilliant mind, his love for family, and his love of sports & beer. I feel privileged to have engaged in numerous conversations with him and enjoyed a few beers along the way. I will always remember that infectious smile, especially when baseball or football season is kicking off. I will miss you my friend. Faisal Mohmand"

Kevin Mitchell wrote on Mar 20, 2021:

"My heart goes out to Mitch and his entire family. I knew Mitch through hanging out with his youngest, Johnny. Mitch was a lovely spirit and one of the most welcoming people I?ve met. Mitch, you shall be missed. "

Qianlin Zhuang wrote on Mar 20, 2021:

"My condolences goes to his family. Mitch's engineering inginuity filled with a solid fundamental knowledge and insights into those technical challenges. It is an honor to work with Mitch, though for a short two and half years, to make the TRIG alive. Rest in peace! Qianlin Zhuang"

Steve Pringle wrote on Mar 20, 2021:

"I knew Mitch mostly from working with him. It is hard to put in writing the extraordinary contributions he made to the KBR family. His intellect and passion for excellence drove to so many breakthroughs in KBR's Technology Business Unit. Mitch could always be counted on to take on the most challenging projects when others fell against technical blocks. The extraordinary character and high ethics Mitch carried as he performed his work set a spectacular example for others that follow him. Mitch?s efforts were recognized in January of 2019 when he was awarded KBR's very first "Outstanding Engineering Award" for leading the development of PCMax, KBR's world leading polycarbonate technology offering. In a field of thousands of professional engineers at KBR, Mitch stood out. Having said that, I remember Mitch mostly for our daily early morning chats in my office where we recounted the prior nights sporting events. People would hear us talking and stop by to join the fun. It wasn?t unusual to have a gathering of many listening to Mitch opine. Easy to say that no one could match his knowledge when it came to the 49ers, Giants, and other teams in many sports. Those chats will be remembered by many. We were all blessed to know Mitch, May he Rest in Peace. Steve Pringle "

Brett and Michelle Perkison wrote on Mar 19, 2021:

"Mitch was such a great neighbor and friend to my family and all of us on his block in Meyerland. I will miss his enthusiasm for enjoying a great discussion while evaluating the taste of a particularly good beer. I recall many fun evenings talking with him at block parties and in our front yard in lawn chairs. I also recall him finding my car keys on a walk and relentless quizzing me on identifying marks over the phone in order to make sure it belonged to his rightful owner - his funny, gleeful laugh will stay with me always! His constant, upbeat fight to battle his cancer all these years will also stay with me as an example of how to conduct oneself with dignity and positivity in the face of adversity. In addition to his friendship to me I also appreciate the kindness he always showed to my wife and family. Rest in Peace Mitch! "

Sue Madsen wrote on Mar 19, 2021:

"It was an honor caring for Mitch in his battle with Sarcoma. His wonderful sense of humor and we can do this, kept him so positive. Mitch was Mr Ambassador roaming the nursing station hallways during treatment and saying hello to everyone, supporting other patients and family members, sharing stories and just making friends with everyone. He loved his work. He also loved his family so much. He loved the staff and was appreciative in words and Susan?s wonderful cookies. My deepest condolences Sue Madsen"

Tom Hausken wrote on Mar 19, 2021:

"Gosh, I have so many great memories of Mitch, how does one even start? We were friends when he first came to Houston, and though I moved and didn't see him or talk to him much after that, when we did it was like talking to a brother. And best of all was just his laugh, his curiosity, his easy going kindness. Everything was just as it was, good ol' Mitch. But a story is in order here. I remember that B&R laid off a bunch of people and he was at his apartment every day applying for jobs, waiting for calls, and to pass the time he did sports stats and played solitaire. He started keeping stats on the cards laid down when the game ended, and discovered the distribution, the underlying order to it. He uncovered a deeper layer of understanding of the game that kind of took what mystery there is to the game away for me. Forever after when I see solitaire, I think about his little project when he was laid off. Another time when he was underemployed, I think he was doing crossword puzzles a lot, and when he got bored with that, I recall he figured out how to make up his own. He was like that, and when the industry got rolling again, they were lucky to have a guy like him, so loyal. Those were good times. Thanks Mitch, you were the greatest of pals, and you were loved by all. Tom Hausken"

Catherine & Doug Graham wrote on Mar 19, 2021:

"Having a beer and some chips and salsa on our patio will always remind us of Mitch. In ways large and small, he enriched our lives and we feel blessed to have known him. Love you all!"

Isabella DiFilippo wrote on Mar 19, 2021:

"Sending love to the Biondi family ??"