In loving memory of

Colby Sandberg

Colby Sandberg. 2010 - 2021.
I adopted Colby 9 years ago. I wasn't looking for a pet but the seed was planted in my heart and we were a match made from heaven. Colby was the most loyal companion I could have ever asked for. As you will see in the picture his loves were car rides, toys and being with his mom in the car! 6 months prior to my adopting him, he was locked in a bathroom for 6 months because he was known to piddle. He was healthy, happy and such a joy for most of his life. 3 months ago the diagnoses started: collapsed trachea first. March 3rd he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and heart murmur. He had good and bad days but for Colby, every day with Mom and family was good. Trips to Grandmas house were the highlight of his week. Sadly, he went in to congestive heart failure Saturday, March 27th. By the time we got to the U of M vet, he became weaker by the moment. There was nothing they could do because his heart wasn't working. He went to Rainbow Bridge Sunday, March 28th at midnight. With COVID I could not be with him but the sweet doctor was in the oxygen tent with him so he was not alone. I am forever grateful to Pets Remembered Cremation Services for giving me the gift of bringing Colby back home within hours of his passing. They were kind, compassionate and so caring with me which was so much appreciated. I highly recommend their services. It made a very painful process much easier knowing they cared so much. Colby - I miss you but having you back home with me is truly a blessing. Thank you Pets Remembered Cremation Services! Jody Sandberg (Colby's mom, Emit - cat brother).


Taryn wrote on Mar 29, 2021:

"Sweet Colby, you are already so missed. I?ll miss seeing you strut over to greet me with your cute ears standing on end. Thank you for being a wonderful companion to Auntie Jo. I?m so glad you were part of our family. I hope you?re enjoying your new life running wild and free on the other side of the bridge. Please keep Leo company "