In loving memory of

Simon Rich

Simon was born on August 1, 2005 and was adopted by us 12 weeks later, along with his brother and litter mate. We always said that he was part dog, as he would growl every time there was a knock on the door. He was also known to chase his tail on occasion! He had such a wonderful personality! He was very social with us, and always wanted to be wherever we were in the house. Although he was not social with strangers, there were a few special people that he took a liking to when they would come to visit, one of them being our little grandson. He was a very sweet and loving cat, and loved attention and loved to snuggle. Simon loved to be carried around by his papa, and rub his whiskers on the bill of his papa's cap. He also loved to snuggle with his mama, and loved to be held. At bedtime, he would snuggle with her almost every night. He also came into her office at home several times a day to make sure that he got some attention. He was very playful until the end, and loved to chase zip ties on the hardwood floor at 4 in the morning. He sounded like a galloping horse up and down the hallway! He also loved chasing string and the laser light. Our dear Simon passed away on Monday, March 15th. He had lymphoma. He is deeply missed by his papa and mama, and by his brother and litter-mate, Levi. Simon will never be forgotten.


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