In loving memory of

Loki Lehrke

When a little pup took my phone and tried to burry it and i knew we were buds. Loki would sit on the center console of my truck til he couldn't. He came to soccer and loved
rides. In the morning he would go under my legs and try to flip me over. Many know how he loved to go between legs so people would scratch his back. When he was excited he would put on his crazy pants and turn himself around.

As I deal with all my crap Loki was always by my side not leaving me alone ever. He waited by the door when I was outside or gone. He sat in the bedroom door or laid
against my clothes when I was in the shower. He would get up with me in the middle of the night and sit with me on the sofa. He hung out w me in the yard.

I am so sorry my Loki Poki, Floki Loki, Little Buddy. I know I will continue on until I see you again but nothing will be as bright or colorful as it was when you were here. I
love you and miss you. Thanks for taking care of me.