In loving memory of

Murphy Morrow

Where do I start? Our Murphy girl was the best dog ever. She would've been 14 this August. My dad bought her for my step- mom and they actually shared a birthday. We have so many great memories, I'd love to share just a few. We always said Murphy was so tough she tattooed her own tongue! This was accomplished by chewing up a pen as a puppy lol. She was always looking out for everyone in the house, especially my youngest nephew Gavin. He was "her boy". Anytime he was coming over we'd tell her the boy was coming and she'd wait at the window watching for him. She made sure the squirrels in the neighborhood had the best and warmest nests in her first winter as she chewed up the couch so they could have the stuffing from inside of it. She loved to go golfing, although this wasn't always the best for her teeth as she would catch the flying balls as they whizzed by. I could go on all day about the love she gave us. She will be greatly missed by everyone in my family as well as her fellow pet mates. Sky, Charley, Hilarious Kat, Lilo and Isis all miss you girl. We all love you and miss you and can't wait until we see you again.