In loving memory of

Judie Gecik

Judiecat Gecik, age 10, has gone over the Rainbow Bridge today.
Judie was a cat that demanded to be the only one in your life, much to the dismay of her sister cats.
She loved to sit by the window and screen and chatter at the wildlife, tho' she was not enthralled with both geese and turkeys.
She was a love bug and would talk back when addressed, especially if it dealt with her favorite food, tuna medley.
Her gift was knowing the exact time of breakfast and supper....exactly to the minute. And if you didn't remember, she would remind you with a paw on the cheek. She didn't believe in the spring and fall time change....12 hrs. is 12 hrs.
She began life with me as a foster from the cat shelter but eventually it was obvious that she belonged to me alone, as she often reminded me.
I will miss her sitting on my lap, my neck, my shoulder and sleeping at the foot of my bed.
Her sister kitties, Mimsey and Willow, are happy that she is in heaven with all her other family members.
She will be one of the kitties greeting me when it is my time to go over the Rainbow Bridge myself. (I have no intention of going to any place remotely referred to as heaven without my cats. So there.)


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