In loving memory of

Sam Winlaw
May 24, 2021

I had always wanted a black cat and Sam came to us in September 2005 when he was 8 weeks old. He felt right at home from day one in his new home, stole my heart, and became my best friend. He had two step-brothers Charlie (canine) who crossed the Rainbow Bridge about 4 years ago and Casper (feline). They were great friends and spent countless hours playing and relaxing together.

Sam was the star of our annual haunted house making an appearance about every 30 minutes in the arms of our good witch Christy (mom). Dozens would come to meet Sam and tour our full-featured guided-tour display.

Sam was a concerned cat always right there if there was any cause for alarm. He was nicknamed Pappa's for that reason.
He was always keeping an eye on us making sure we were okay, loved to cuddle on his terms and bask in the warm sun.

Sam even had his own seat at the dinner table and would join us for dinner on many occasions, but would only eat with us if his food was on a plate.
Many days/nights Sam would sleep with his head on a pillow on our bed letting us know it was his bed also.

He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in my arms purring on 05/24/2021. He knew it was his time and held on to dad until his last breath.
We will forever miss him.


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