In loving memory of

Mark Graziano

"Mark was a family member, a partner-in-crime, a teammate, and, most importantly, a best friend and most trusted confidant.
Mark had such the personality. He was sassy and loved to give attitude but always behaved when there were little kids around or be cuddly if you were having a bad day. He knew how to play the cards right to get treats out of people--and he did get many! He left his mark on every single person that he met. People only ever had good things to say about him. He boosted confidence for new riders and was athletic enough for the experienced ones to enjoy.
He loved his job and he loved his person.
Mark was a winner. He traveled across the country to compete and was quick and careful over fences. Once he heard the buzzer, he took off. People loved to see the one-eared pony zoom around. He earned a reputation as "The One Eared Wonder".
He had a zest for life unmatched by any other. He battled cancer from early on in his life, but maintained his spunk, often found rolling and bucking in the paddock or poking his head over his stall door to say hi.
Mark loved to spend his final days eating grass in the field with his buddies, being brushed by his humans, and enjoying treats of apples and Sour Patch Kids.
Mark leaves behind the family who loved him his whole life at nineteen years old once the battle for cancer became too overwhelming. He is deeply missed and the pain is still there, but his family knows he is eating to his heart's content and giving attitude on the other side of the rainbow bridge."


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