In loving memory of

Michael Austin Davis
December 4, 2000 - July 22, 2021

Michael Austin Davis was born on December 4th, 2000 in Brigham City, UT and returned to his heavenly home on July 22nd, 2021 while serving his Father in Heaven and testifying of our Savior, Jesus Christ, in the Farmington, New Mexico Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Mike was a boy you couldn't help but love. He had an infectious smile that could pry a grin out of you whether you wanted to smile or not. Mike was a tortured child, mostly by his six siblings, Zach, Brackan, Amanda, Joe, Hannah, and Maddi, and perhaps a bit by his parents, Kim and Bryan, too. Over the years, he won many "#9" awards all given to him by his father, Bryan, whose shoe size happens to be a "9".
Mike was an avid explorer. His passport stamps consisted of the haystack, the canal, the barn, and the Ferry's feed lot and silo. Mike was also a "sanitation engineer" with the rest of the family since before they could go out to play, his dad required them to pick up trash along the roadside. Mike would undoubtedly tell you they had the cleanest road in West Corinne.
As Mike grew older, he found a love for sports and anything physical. He was always up for wrestling with his brothers no matter how many times he got pinned. He played baseball and had a fierce love for football, especially under the Friday night lights. He loved everything about the sport: the teamwork, his coaches, the wins, and he even loved the losses that pushed him to do better. He always brought "the juice."
After graduation, Mike was called to serve in the Farmington, New Mexico Mission in August of 2019. Mike loves his mission. Mike quickly developed a love for the Navajo Nation! He especially loved the "shima sani" the grandmas he met. He loved the children, he loved the culture! The elders he served with became his toko's (brothers). Mike loved the service that he rendered on his mission.
His axe was his Book of Mormon! He was touched by so many people. Every place Mike went he loved. Mike was a man who knew how to work. He was taught to "work hard and do it right the first time!" Mike was always told, "Remember who you are and what you represent," and he did just that.
We are so proud of Mike and his amazing life. He touched the lives of more people in the short twenty years he lived than most people do in a lifetime! He was a man of God, family, service, joy, hard work, and dedication.
At a missionary conference just two days before his passing, Mike shared this scripture with his own spin on it. Mosiah 18, verse 30:
"And now it came to pass that all this was done in the New Mexico, Farmington Mission, yea, by the waters of the New Mexico, Farmington Mission, in the forest that was near the waters of the New Mexico, Farmington Mission; yea, the place of the New Mexico, Farmington Mission, the waters of the New Mexico, Farmington Mission, the forest of the New Mexico, Farmington Mission, how beautiful are they to the eyes of them who there came to the knowledge of their Redeemer; yea, and how blessed are they, for they shall sing to his praise forever."
Michael Davis, the man with the contagious laugh, infectious smile, and the biggest heart--you will be forever loved. Until we meet again!


Funeral services will be held on Saturday, July 31, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. at the Brigham City West Stake Center, 895 N 625 W.

A viewing will be held on Friday, July 30th from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Brigham City West Stake Center.

Interment will be in the Corinne City Cemetery.

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Ramah wrote on Jul 29, 2021:

"Elder Davis truly loved all around him and the Lord. He had such an amazing personality and spirit about him. I will forever cherish the memories I have with him. He will be greatly missed! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! Ramah Jordan"

Lindsay Ahlstrom wrote on Jul 29, 2021:

"I was never very close with Mike, but we graduated together. I remember being in Brother Kjar's class with him. One day he was chewing on the back if his pen, and it exploded. His mouth and teeth were a dark blue from it. He asked Brother Kjar if he could go to the locker room to get his tooth brush to get rid if it. It certainly put a smile on my face. He was such a kind person who was inviting towards everyone he met. I know he is continuing the Lord's work in Heaven. "

Dana Ray wrote on Jul 29, 2021:

"We all loved Elder Davis in the Ramah Community. We have deeply felt his loss at this sad time. Thank you for sending your son to us so we could be blessed with his faithfulness of the Gospel. He was truly a great missionary and he served the Lord with honor. By his work and dedication you know he comes from a great family that loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Please know he will be forever in our hearts in our little community and again, thank you for sending your precious son to minister to us in this community. Even though our hearts are broken we know that Heavenly Father knows our sorrow and will comfort us and bless his family with strength to endure and find solace in our Saviors saving grace. Again, we so loved your son and may our loving Savior grant you peace. Love, Dana & Lanny Ray Ramah Ward Ramah, New Mexico"

Billie bond wrote on Jul 28, 2021:

"Mike is a child of God,and he was sent here, Was given an Earthly home with parents kind and dear. You lead him,guided him,walked beside him. You helped him find the way. You taught him what he needed to do, to be where he is today. Mike is a child of God. Celestial blessings are his for sure. He learned to do Gods will. And will live with him once more. We ask our Heavenly Father to hold you in the hollow of his hand as you mourn your precious son. Mosiah 18:19 mourn with those that mourn and etc. God bless you all. Billie and Dean Bond Ramah "

Billie bond wrote on Jul 28, 2021:


Claudia Grange wrote on Jul 27, 2021:

"Thank you for your service at our home in Farmington. One of the sweetest, kindest Elders to ever enter our home and bless us. Till we meet again. ?. Heavenly Father wrap thy loving arms around Elder Davis? family and keep them comforted. "

Lura Ackerman wrote on Jul 27, 2021:

"We met Elder Davis when we visited our son Jeff and Jolene. That wonderful smile made me fall in love with him. Our hearts are broken for all of you and pray for comfort and peace for you in the days ahead. Lura Ackerman "

Alverado Allen wrote on Jul 27, 2021:

"One evening Elder Davis and his companion came over for dinner. He was learning Navajo so He would ask how to say this and that. I would teach and give him some new words to learn and phrases to work on. That evening we had finished dinner and my mom walked in the kitchen and elder Davis said in Navajo ?ya teeh shi ma! Ha ish ba nanaa? Nizhoni go ish naa o ol?? (Hello mom what are you doin? How is you day?) He put a smile on my mom?s face and with pure joy my mom says to him, ?o! Shi yazh. Nizhoni go sha o ol.? (Yes my son! I?m having a great day). Im thinking to myself, uhmmm mom he?s white, how about me? He will forever be every Navajo mom?s yazh (son). I will miss his bright smile. "

Daylene Myers-Myers Family wrote on Jul 27, 2021:

"There are no words to express how sorry I am for your loss. He is an awesome man and is continuing his mission on the other side, probably in the Native American section. He is more than likely helping others articulate their testimonies to be better missionaries as well. My family loved him like he is our own. "

Scott wrote on Jul 27, 2021:

"Mike started his mission hot and ready to work. He had a good trainer and I got to serve as his zone leader for his first transfer and then later into his third transfer when he was sent to Chinle. It was during his time in Dennehotso that he disclosed he was a student section leader in high school (something that's actually very normal and very cool). Elder Wilson and I made that fact out to be something ridiculous and teased him forever about it. He called his mom one P-Day and introduced us as the Elders who were terrorizing him. Later in his mission he served as a zone leader and apparently the joke stuck and he was called a "Zone Section Leader". The teasing was never anything serious and we all built a great friendship. He worked so hard and I miss him all the time."

Chris Sharp wrote on Jul 27, 2021:

"Bryan, Kim, and Davis Family, I can only imagine the emotion you are dealing with. From all that I have read and heard he will be missed!! Be strong for one another and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Our deepest condolences. Chris & Angelica Sharp"

The Pierce Family wrote on Jul 27, 2021:

"Much love to you Kim, Bryan & family! God has a plan for your dear boy and someday you will you will all be together again! Godspeed Michael! You are loved!"

Michael Willardson wrote on Jul 27, 2021:

" I just wanted to express my deepest sympathy to Bryan, Kim and your family on the loss of your missionary son. I cannot even imagine the loss you feel at this time. I worked for the Utah Department of Agriculture and always appreciated working with Bryan at the Bear River Valley Coop. May your family feel the comfort of the Savior and the comfort of the Holy Ghost and may your testimony of the live hereafter sustain you during this difficult time. "

Rex W Morris wrote on Jul 27, 2021:

"I was lucky to meet Elder Davis the last 2 weeks of his mission. It was in The church parking lot getting ready to take a recent convert to the temple to do baptisms for the very first time. I already had heard about him from family and I knew he was coming to Ramah while I was out of town. So I pulled up in my car with the windows down and said hello you?re elder Davis. And I told him he was just us handsome and fit as I was told And better looking than his brothers. He shot a big grin at hearing that and that grin is what he?s known for here even though it was a short timeand back home by all who knew him. My sisters in law said he had a glow and sparkle about him. He came to the wedding reception for my youngest sister-in-law and really had a good time. He interacted well and everybody that met him liked him right away. The night before he died he and his companions came to the house for dinner with my family, extended family and a nonmember friend. Elder Davis was in charge of the spiritual message to share with us. He took his message from first Peter chapter 3. he said he had read it that morning and it touched his heart. He said that as followers of Jesus Christ, we should strive to always be ready to share and defend our beliefs with testimony. The best part is he was grateful and he was so excited to share the message. I knew he was going home soon yet he still had the enthusiasm of a new missionary. I didn?t know he would be going home to Heavenly Father the next day so when I got the bad news I appreciated even more 1 Peter 3:19 which also talks about all the people in the spirit world who did not accept the gospel here in this life or never had the opportunity to hear it while in mortality. So I know Heavenly father got an experienced and enthusiastic missionary ready to go To preach the gospel to the people in spirit prison. In Ramah New Mexico we love him and are proud to know him. We are so thankful for families like the Davis family who send their young sons and daughters into the world to preach the greatest story ever told and bear witness of Jesus Christ. "

Jessica Haycock wrote on Jul 27, 2021:

"Davis family, You are in our thoughts and prayers! I am so thankful for your son and the love he shared with Tyson. I hope your family gains peace and understanding. We love your family ? Much love, Jessica Haycock "

Myrna Hammer wrote on Jul 27, 2021:

"We were so sorry to hear of his tragic accident. We, too, we?re called to the New Mexico, Farmington Mission in August 2019 but we?re sent home in March 2020. We didn?t have the opportunity to meet him but so many we served with had a great love for him. We list a 15 year old son and know the pain you?re going through. It?s so hard but the Savior will walk beside you and see you through it. Thank heavens for eternal families! May Gods bless and comfort you! Earnie and Myrna Hammer"