In loving memory of

Phuong Truong
February 15, 1944 - July 25, 2021

Phuong Truong died Sunday, July 25, 2021 at her home in Maple Glen. She was 77 years old.

Phuong was born in Saigon, Vietnam, the daughter of the late Sieu Truong and Kim Nguyen.

Phuong is survived by her husband Phu Huynh. She is the loving mother of Tuan Huynh and his wife Linh Vo, of Portland, Oregon and Mimi Pinto and her husband Joseph, of Maple Glen, PA. She is the dear sister of Minh Truong (Hiep) of Philadelphia and Duyen Brisker (Morton) of Bel Air, MD. Phuong loved her grandchildren Anthony and Leah Huynh, and Mia, Joseph III, and Zachary Pinto.

Phuong also loved taking care of Mia, Joey, and Zachary Pinto every day. She always looked forward to and was most excited when her son Tuan and his family would visit from Portland every summer.

Funeral Services will be held privately by the family.

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Nghia Truong wrote on Aug 2, 2021:

"Thnh knh phn ?u cng Anh Hu?nh Ph, gia ?nh hai chu Hu?nh Tu?n, Mimi Pinto cng ton th? Tang Quy?n tr??c s? ra ?i ??t ng?t c?a ch? Tr??ng Nh? Ph??ng Nguy?n c?u H??ng Linh ch? s?m ???c v?ng sanh v? ci V?nh H?ng. Tr??ng cng Ngh?a, ch?ng c?a CSDD6 ? qu c? ??ng Bch Nguy?t."

Rose Hoa Trẩn wrote on Jul 31, 2021:

"Hoa Tr?n CSDD#6 Thnh knh phn ?u cng Anh Phu Hu?nh , hai chu va gia ?inh .C?u nguy?n h??ng linh Ph??ng s?m v? c?i Ph?t."

Hoa Huỳnh ( CSĐD#6) wrote on Jul 30, 2021:

"Ph??ng ?i, Hoa Hu?nh v cc b?n K6 bng hong hay tin b?n ? ra ?i . Nh? l?i hm chu?n b? ?i Nam Cali g?p cc b?n K6 c?a mnh b?n d?n ti ch?p hnh g?i b?n xem, Gi? l?i h?a hm th? t? ngy 21 thng 7 ,t?i nh Hoa Tr?n ?n sng qua facetime t?i mnh g?p nhau th?t vui ,d 56 n?m qua nh?ng Ph??ng v?n nh? m?t t?ng ng??i ,luc ? b?n vui kh?e c??i th?t t??i ,nay hay tin b?n ra ?i ?t ng?t c?m gic bang hong khng bi?t dung t? no di?n t?, bu?n l?m Ph??ng ?i, !!!! C?ng may hnh ?nh v video hm g?p m?t nhm K6 c?a t?i mnh b?n ? xem tr??c khi nh?m m?t RIP. "