In loving memory of

Nibbles Hornof

Nibble was my best friend and the best emotional support animal ever. I will forever miss him squealing for his vegetables anytime I opened the door. Dearly loved and missed.


Lisa wrote on Aug 19, 2021:

"Nibbles titi Lisa will forever miss you."

SaRah wrote on Aug 18, 2021:

"Rest in peace nibbles. My condolences you his family and friends"

Jacinda wrote on Aug 17, 2021:

"Greea loved her furry friend so much. He was the cutest majestic beast I?d ever met. Rest Easy my little friend??"

Nott wrote on Aug 17, 2021:

"To my nephew Nibbles, you will be missed.... We love you "

Stacie Petersen wrote on Aug 17, 2021:

"He certainly had personality! (known through all of the stories that were shared.)"