In loving memory of

Mark Edward Fournier
February 16, 1960 - September 15, 2021

Mark Edward Fournier
Born 1960-02-16, Munich, Germany.
Died on 2021-09-15, at age 61.
Loved by a wife of 38 years, Sandra Fournier. He will be forever missed by four daughters, Christine, Erika, Kori, and Amanda, and six grandchildren. Sammantha, Dylan, Atlas , Ayia, Logan, Lincoln. Survived by Siblings Sylvia, Curt, Mike, Kathy, and Nicole. Parents, Father: Gerald J. Fournier, Mother: Erika, M, Jones.
A man that wore many hats and his heart on his sleeve. He was a hard working man that provided for his family. He gave his all to his wife and children. Taught his daughters many things. Because "There is right way and there's a wrong way." He was never afraid of adventure and to try something new. A true child at heart. A free spirit that wasn't afraid to have his own opinions and let other have theirs. He lived his life with an open mind and heart. He once said - "nobody's perfect, and everyone deserves a chance." he truly listened and helped the ones that needed it the most. His legacy lives on through his daughters and grandchildren. Forever in our hearts and our memories. May your kind soul rest in peace - Marky Mark, Dad, (the horses ass) we love you and we miss you.


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