In loving memory of

Alexandria S. Boehm
December 15, 1921 - September 29, 2021


Juliana Boehm wrote on Oct 7, 2021:

"Mom, you were a city girl through-and-through who loved the outdoors (as long as it didn't involve snow), and you made a point of going outdoors every day. You enjoyed golf, tennis, bike riding, and ice skating, and you taught your children the fundamentals so that we could join in as a family, although the truth is we were lucky to inherit your natural ?athleticism.? In later years, your activities may have been less vigorous, but your youthfulness was ever-present, in mind and body. You thought nothing of taking a 5-mile walk on a summer evening to join friends for a bridge game. Your zany outlook was refreshing, and our family parlor games with your off-beat contributions will go down in memory as among the most hilarious times we ever had. You also had a creative side. You loved plants and brought a little of the outdoors into the apartment with your exquisite terrariums. You knitted intricate sweaters, and with your sewing talents you made housewares and doll clothes without any pattern at all. The home-made teddy bears were another story... Then, when you reached your 80s?the age most people would be packing it in--you became a grandmother for the second time around. Just as you had celebrated our childhood milestones, you did the same with Oliver and Ravi. And of course, we went to the park a lot! We love you and miss you. "

Family wrote on Oct 7, 2021:

"From Alice's limericks. "

Family wrote on Oct 7, 2021:

"Alice talks about the first jobs she held at Columbia University after she graduated from high school with secretarial skills, culminating with her work for the Office of Technical Procurement (OTP) as part of the Manhattan Project. "

Julia [Sarno] Tedeschi wrote on Oct 4, 2021:

"Aunt Alice was always a special person to me - Daddy's sister!! I admired her independent spirit, her intelligence, and her love of NYC. To highlight some significant dates in her life I posted 3 photos of special times in her life - as a baby, as a little girl, as a bride. I will miss our conversations via telephone we had over these many years. Remembering there is no death, just a change in worlds. Much love, Julie"

Juliana Boehm wrote on Oct 2, 2021:

"Mom, You wrote the best limericks! Here is one you wrote for Oliver's 18th birthday: "In Prospect Park there is a nice spot; Where toddlers crawl and trot; Where the boys used to glide Down a two-foot slide. That spot is a place called the Tot Lot." We all love you and miss you so much."