In loving memory of

Mary Dawn Malone
April 14, 1958 - September 30, 2021

Mary Dawn McSparen Malone left this world peacefully, suddenly and unexpectedly September 30 th ,2021 in her home in Monroe Iowa. Mary came into this world undoubtedly in a whirl of excitement to Chuck and Mary Alyce McSparen on April 14 th 1958. She was born after 3 brothers and was the oldest of 4 girls. Mary grew up and went to school in Eddyville Iowa. Growing up I was told she was a little "sassy, and tough" She did not take well to someone messing with her siblings and was always willing to stand up for them, this trait stayed with her all of her days. She would defend and protect her family and friends with every ounce of strength she had whenever it was needed and you sure didn't want to upset one of her grandkids! Growing up around Mary must have been pretty exciting. She was beautiful inside and out and was a truly caring soul.

Later she was blessed with 3 children of her own Josh, Chad and Shauna. She showered them with love and affection. Although they faced many trials along the way she always pulled everyone through even
when she wasn't sure how she was going to get through herself, but she always did. She made sure to leave her family with lots of wonderful memories of family vacations, camping trips and too many good
fun memories to write in an obituary! If you knew Mary Dawn then you knew what unconditional love was, and also fun because you were sure to laugh until you cried and possibly even get into some sort of minor trouble! Mary knew how to have a good time and how to love so fiercely. She showed great examples of this fun loving spirit to her grandchildren and a few special "adopted" grandkids who were lucky enough to get to call her nana. Her grandkids were her pride and joy. She loved having fun with them by going on Adventures, random picnics, hunting for rocks, bones, spooks or anything else they might enjoy or laugh at, it needs to be said that she was so devoted to doing this that it didn't matter to her that she also was for sure going to be the one finding the poison ivy and then suffering for the next week. She turned her Master bedroom into a gigantic craftroom/playroom just for them so they had a place to release all that creativity and no matter how good or slightly lacking the project might be in her eyes every piece was nothing short of a masterpiece and deserved to be framed or showcased on a fridge or wall. She loved when the kids taught her how to use youtube and make tiktoks. Seriously this grandma did it ALL! Baking was also a
favorite thing to do with family and most likely would end with a flour fight and loads of laughter! She never worried about a mess being made she just happily cleaned it up while giggling to herself. Her
stories were second to none and might scare you so bad that you didn't even think about getting out of bed or make you laugh so hard you felt like you were reliving history right alongside her and those
ornery McSparen/Hewitt kids! She cared deeply for extended family as well and was always there for everything, checking in with a visit or a call or sharing from her gardens. Family time was a favorite, she loved visiting or having bonfires as long as there was someone to enjoy it with which was usually not a problem sense there was normally a grandchild or 4 spending the night or begging too. She worked hard all her life and never backed down from a hard job, you could usually find her mowing or picking up her yard if the weather it was nice. She will be missed so deeply by many many friends and family. A hole that can not be filled will last until we meet her again. Until then she will be up there covering those golden streets with flour and laughter taking care of those she loved so much while watching over us down here. So the next time you see that butterfly, bird or anything else in nature acting strangely trying to get your attention just know that is probably Mary Dawn trying to cheer you up. Or when you lose something around your house or trip on that branch that just popped up its her getting a good laugh at your expense haha! We love you and miss you mom!

She was preceded in death by Her Beloved parents Chuck and Mary Alyce, A Brother Chuckie andseveral very special uncles and cousins. She is Survived by Her Children Josh and Stacy Hartson (Jeter and Amaya- and soon to be great grandchild she would have just loved) Chad and Gina Malone (Jarrett and Cole, Jager) Shauna and Chad VanTomme (Serenity and Harmony) And Her Adopted Grandkids Hewitt, Harrison, Kathryn and Penelope Brinegar. Also 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

Per her request, no services will be planned. Memorials may be sent to the family and condolences may be left at


Dawn M. Flattery wrote on Oct 4, 2021:

"Trisha, I'm so sorry. The loss of an older sister, someone who helped look after you and who you looked up to, has to be very painful. I cannot even begin to imagine what this feels like, but do know I'm am thinking of you and your family during this time of loss. Keep your head up an treasure the memories you made with her. I', sure she will truly be missed by all. Your Co-Worker @ Pella Corp. Dawn Flattery"

Shirley Lapour wrote on Oct 3, 2021:

"I was so saddened to hear this news about Mary Dawn. My thoughts and prayers to her family and friends. I did not know her well, but enjoyed her. I know she will be missed so much.. I feel one thing for sure, she was a wonderful grandma. RIP Mary Daen."

Lisa Blommers wrote on Oct 2, 2021:

"Marys Poem I don't blame you Jesus for wanting her with you. But please remind her now and again, How much we loved her too. She could work the work of two no matter what the chore. Conversations with her were sometimes saucy, but never, ever a bore :) She loved folks to the depths of her soul, She gave of herself to those in need I pray her family knows of your great love for them, I pray that she planted that seed. Love never really ever leaves, you will be tucked within my heart I'll always carry you with me so we will never really part. RIP M.D. All the many years I worked at the Vernon Company were many years working with Mary Dawn. She was always a hard worker even when she was in pain. Her children and her grandchildren meant all the world to her, and her great love of family was always evident! During our lunch hours we would get our mats out and lie atop the machines and take about a 20 minute nap... her on one machine, I on another. Hence the joke I would say, "I can't think of anyone I'd rather sleep with". LOL! We laughed much over that :) When we were having a bad day we would always go to the basement in the warehouse and let fly with some colorful language! The love I felt towards Mary came as close as it could to the unconditional love that Jesus has for us. I always felt such joy and we enjoyed so much laughter throughout our years together. Even though we had not seen one another for a long time the love I had for Mary never wained. Her and Aunt Kath would be sitting front and center for all the years our Hometown group played at the State Fair in Pioneer Hall. Their encouragement and support meant so much to me! I will forever see her face lit up and singing along with me. She was an angel to me as for years I struggled with missing my sister who struggled with addiction. She helped to fill up the holes/sadness in me and I truly felt like she was my sister and she helped me to find joy despite the circumstances. I can only hope/pray perhaps I did that for her as well in some small way. My heart is broken along with her precious family, but I am believing I will see her again and our laughs are not over. God keep you well my friend 'til we meet again ~"