In loving memory of

Nancy Aranda
September 3, 1976 - December 14, 2021

Nancy Aranda was a beloved sister, friend, daughter, Tia (aunt), and mother. Born to parents, Arturo and Petra Aranda on September 3, 1976, she was the 2nd of 5 siblings: Erik, Perlita, Arturo Jr. and Allen.

A true giver of herself. She loved with her all. A fun spirited person and the life of the party. Always wanting to gather the family together despite ones' differences; she was a reconciler. She loved to socialize and never really liked being on her own. Opened her home and heart to many. She just always gave.

As a hard working single mother, she leaves behind her 7 year old daughter, Abby Rose Aranda; a splitting image of her. She left us too soon as a recent diagnosis of cancer didn't allow her to fight.

God received her on the morning of Tuesday, December 4, 2021, after 6 weeks of sustaining all that she could endure. Our hearts are broken, but God is near to the broken hearted. We rejoice in knowing she is now forever in His presence.


Teresa Valdez wrote on Dec 18, 2021:

"They say your first friends are your cousins... Nancy, you were that carefree, kind, loveable, tell it like it was kind of gal. You were my road dog to the casino's and always hosted the loteria nights at your house. When you were pregnant with Abby, you let me go in for your sonogram appointment and heard that heartbeat with you.? Life will never be the same without you ? I know you got teased at school for your name when you were young, but honored that I got to name my little cousin, Nancy. I think you got me back everytime you would introduce me to your friends as Teresita, even though I was grown.? Will miss you forever, but we all will be telling Abby our memories of what a great, hard-working, single mother you were and the love you had for her. Like your mom always told you..."Good one Nancy"... and now your gone "Living your best life" as you would say. ???Love you Prima!!"

Perlita Ruiz wrote on Dec 17, 2021:

"Nancy was my big sis and best friend. We'd talk almost everyday on our commutes home. She loved truly. She gave wholly. She laughed infectiously. She was a reconciler and and peace maker. I love you Nancy! My life will never be the same without you. I'm happy for you being in heaven but I'm selfishly longing for you to be here with us. We were supposed to grow old together. I was supposed to help you with Abbys quince˝iera. You also said you wanted me to officiate your wedding. Sigh. Lots left unsaid and undone. I'll miss hearing you say, "love your face" and "oh, you know, living the dream." Now you truly are. Rejoice in heaven my sweet sister! There's no doubt you were well received! I'll see you soon."