In loving memory of

Edward King-Yiu Suen
November 13, 1963 - December 19, 2021

Loving words from family will be added soon.


Raymond Chan wrote on Jan 10, 2022:

"To my Uncle Edward, Whenever my parents and I would visit Seattle, I would look forward to it. I got to go on a plane, eat lots of food, and explore the city my mother lived in for several years. However, what I looked most forward to was spending time with you. I always referred to you as my favorite uncle. You took the time to play with me, and the days I visited always flew by. Those fond memories have stuck with me, even though I haven?t seen you in 15 years. I am sure if I visited during my adult years, we would have gotten along just the same. If my memory serves correct, you enjoyed Mr. Brown iced coffee. So the next time I see a can, I?ll buy it and drink it in honor of you. I miss you dearly and am grateful we had a chance to connect in my younger years. May you be happy, and may you be at peace. With love, Raymond"

Anita Suen wrote on Jan 7, 2022:

"Dearest Brother Edward, I feel very sad and shocked when Fred called me that you had passed away. I also feel bad that I still have not had a chance to thank what you did to our parents. You had contributed all your time to take good care of Mom & Dad when they were very sick. No words could express my great appreciation to you. Our last seen in person was in 2006. When you visited us in Toronto, we joined a 3 Day tour to Montreal & Quebec City. I still remember that you, Raymond, & I had a great fun trip and enjoyed a lot of chatting moment. Hope you could reunite with Mom & Dad now, and may you rest in peace. I miss you!!! Anita"