In loving memory of

Robert Layton
June 19, 1962 - December 18, 2021

Bob Layton
June 19, 1962 - December 18, 2021
Bob Layton died of natural causes on the evening of December 18, 2021. He is survived by his
father Jack, by his brother Bill and wife KC, and by Bill's two children, Jessica and Jordan.
Bob also leaves behind a long trail of broken-hearted friends, and he had many, including: his
work friends throughout the years; his classmates who remained friends, from elementary school
to college in Nacadoches and Austin; his poker buddies; his Clear Lake Crew; and his Carvel
Gang. Bob lit up every room he entered and loved everyone he met, and everyone he met loved
him right back. He enjoyed every holiday, remembered every birthday and celebrated both with
generous gifts, all given with his own personal touch. His Halloween parties were legendary.
Bob's interests were vast, including his love of sports, music, movies, books and art and his
various collections reflected his passions. But of his many collections, his wide collection of
friends is an indication of how much he valued relationships, and reveals how truly special he
was to so many. At the time of his passing he was less than an hour away from enjoying annual
holiday margaritas and Mexican food with neighborhood friends. Missing this would have
disappointed him.
Bob lost his mother, Susan only 7 months prior to his passing. While reunited now with her in
Heaven, his remains will join hers in Oregon for burial at a future date. A memorial celebration
will be held for Bob in Houston, TX at a time and date to be announced later via social media.


Michael Creedon wrote on Jan 15, 2022:

"It seems like everyone called Bob their best friend. He was that kind of person. Well liked, even loved by so many. He made you feel special and that is a rare gift. The fact that he was the focal point of a major marketing campaign by his employer because customers liked him so much says it all about him. Yet, he was so humble about it. Sometimes I wonder if Bob truly knew how much people thought of him. He probably dismissed it as he was not one to demand to be the center of attention. Yet, he had the talent to get up and speak in front of group of people as well as anyone I've known. He was the straw that stirred the drink in our group. No one can replace him. Bob, you will remain in my heart until my final day. Life will be less without you. Just less in every respect. Peace be with you dear friend. You deserve it and you will be missed."

Rock Gremillion wrote on Jan 15, 2022:

"Bob truly did light up every room he entered and loved every person he met. You could see it in his smile that you could never forget, that he shared with everyone, every day. He was one of those special people that always had time to lend a helping hand. I worked with Bob at A&E for many years and he was always smiling, thoughtful, friendly, courteous, respectful, patient, kind and knowledgeable. Just three days prior to Bob?s death, I was at a holiday party and a landscape architect told me, ?I always enjoyed coming to A&E because Bob was there to help!?. Bob was the face of ?World class customer service.? I?ll never forget the banner on the front of the building, ?We?ve got Bob!?. Bob is legendary! I have tears of joy reminiscing about Bob. Thank you Bob for the love you shared every day with me and so many others. You lived life well! May perpetual light shine upon you! Rock Gremillion " wrote on Jan 13, 2022:

"What can I say. He was my best friend. He was my best man at my wedding as he was for many of our friends.My heart is broken with an emptiness I have never felt knowing I won't be seeing him on earth again. My thoughts go to the whole Layton family. Michael Fischer"