In loving memory of

Stephen White
June 1, 1985 - December 22, 2021

With a heavy heart, I say goodbye to my son, Stephen Lane White who went to join his mother on 12/22/21.He is survived by his father Wayne Edward White, stepmom Kristi White, his Daughter London and Kris and Laura Decamp, brother Wayne Anthony White and Tyler Crispin and many family members and friends from both coasts. We will all miss you so much but we know that you no longer feel pain and are happy to join your mom and fly together as angels forever.


Jason lowe wrote on Feb 19, 2022:

"We went to high school together had couple of classes class clown rest easy "

Daniel chapman wrote on Feb 15, 2022:

"Stephen and I went to school together and he was on of my friends that I enjoyed being around. After school he did his thing and I did mine like most people do but thank god for Snapchat and Facebook because I know as soon as I logged in there he was! Stephen had a way of making me laugh and also I realized he had no filter either. This world has lost one of the greatest. Wish I could see more post on your snap man. Miss ya buddy "

Nelle Rodgers wrote on Feb 2, 2022:

"Stephen and I met back when he was working at LA fitness and continued our bond throughout the years. He was a deep soul, with many passion driven sides, and I was lucky enough to have the privilege of being part of his life and loving him. I pray you are at rest now in the heavenly planes and know you are protected and safe. I pray for you, London and the entire White family during this difficult time. I promise to watch Bob?s burgers and remember your loving ways fondly. Love you always, by your side. Nelle "

Waybe wrote on Jan 14, 2022:

"I lost my child today. People came to weep and cry, as I just sat and stared, dry eyed. They struggled to find words to say, to try and make the pain go away, I walked the floor in disbelief, I lost my child today. I lost my child last month. Most of the people went away, some still call and some still stay. I wait to wake up from this dream. This can't be real. I want to scream. Yet everything is locked inside, God, help me, I want to die. I lost my child last month. I lost my child last year. Now people who had come, have gone. I sit and struggle all day long. To bear the pain so deep inside. And now my friends just question, Why? Why does this father not move on? Just sits and sings the same old song. Good heavens, it has been so long. I lost my child last year. Time has not moved on for me. The numbness it has disappeared. My eyes have now cried many tears. I see the look upon your face, "He must move on and leave this place." Yet I am trapped right here in time. The song?s the same, as is the rhyme. I lost my child... Today. "

Debi White wrote on Jan 13, 2022:

"I'm going to miss our 3am conversations and all your crazy shenanigans. I know you're flying high and your mind is at peace. You were definitely one of a kind ? God speed nephew. We love you and will miss you always. "

Cheryl Pendleton wrote on Jan 12, 2022:

"Stephen was like one of my own boys ; I know he's finally at peace and with family . I Love ya kiddo. Give everyone a hug or me. . Aunt Cheryl??"