In loving memory of

Chalmers Russell Hillsgrove
August 1, 1949 - January 14, 2022

Always Russ or Russell, Russ Hillsgrove, Grasmere Avenue. The most amazing person, father, husband, Papa and great Papa passed into the loving arms of his God, walking confident with his Jesus on January 14th, 2022. He taught us so much about life, adventures... hardships... how to endure any obstacle. His tenacity and strength for life, always making memories that counted is a sheer blessing to all of us. His stories of life were amazing, sometimes sad, sometimes fun, always real to his heart... he would do anything to ensure the happiness of his loved ones. He was true, real, kind, humble.. his family meant everything to him. The many pictures on his walls showed a lifetime of love. He wasn't one to complain, he was a free spirit that always wanted all of us to be happy. He was simple. No drama. He taught us that life is short and to live it to the fullest. He loved his music... the blues, his 40's and 50's music, his music from Woodstock.... He loved all music... he lived through his music and his life was always punctuated by a good song. His stories will always live on. And his laugh, that belly laugh. He was truly hilarious! His stories will run in the family forever, Always entertaining and we will all carry those on forever. He lived a walk of life that we can all cherish. His quote was " I live in faith and confidence that Jesus walks with me!" He said that wherever he went as was firm in his love for God and his promises.
He will be forever missed by his daughters, Anne and Barb, his Grandchildren Alyssa, Jessica, Bailie, Taylor, Cole, Kyle and Ava
His Great Grandchildren Jace, Jaxson, Jon, Rayne and Jasper. And many other family members. He joins his dad, Papa Joe and his wife Audrey in heaven, and our hearts beat knowing they are dancing together with no more pain.
Thank you, God for giving us the blessing of this man. His Beauty lives on in all of us. He truly was The Man, the Myth, the Legend.


Kathleen OConnell wrote on Jan 22, 2022:

"I don?t know where to start? I have known you since my early teens, so we?re taking 50 years. I have been so blessed to have so many wonderful memories. From partying & going to some of the best concerts I have ever seen with you & Audrey, to just hanging out. You were one of the most considerate people I have ever known. I remember going out to breakfast at some diner in New Hampshire (one of our rides lookin for antiques) and there was a man there with his granddaughter across from us? the little girl wanted the big breakfast but her grandpa didn?t have enough money, he was talking softly to the waitress as you could tell he was embarrassed. The waitress said loudly you get what you pay for! We were getting ready to leave? when I looked up and seen how red your face was, I knew what was coming. You went up to pay our bill and said to the waitress? ? I want you to send over 2 orders of the big breakfast to that table? and when they get up to leave I want you to give him this $50..? The waitress was stunned? your he said I will be outside watching so we?ll take to coffees to go. That is only one of those types of his generosity. He was such a good friend to my mom? would spend hours sitting at our table having coffee talking? sent her flowers all the time., made her feel special, in fact he had a way to make everyone feel special. I will miss him he was very special to me. I am so proud of his daughters for the care they have given him? he loved them very much. And Nate? I have no words! You were the topic of conversation daily! You were absolutely his best friend. My heart is broken, but I know he is in heaven with Audrey watching over all their loved ones. See you on the other side ??"