In loving memory of

Brian Matthew Hernandez
September 29, 1990 - March 25, 2022

Brian Matthew Hernandez passed away in Seattle, WA on March 25, 2022 at the age of 31.

A beloved son, sibling, spouse, uncle and friend, Brian was born to Robby and Carina in the Philippines on September 29, 1990. Ever since, Brian brightened the world with his smile, and his laughter filled the air with joyful chorus.

After graduating third in his class at Eagle Pass HS, Brian attended the University of Dallas and graduated with Cum Laude honors, as well as singing in the acapella group Novis and serving as a mentor for UTD Dallas Community Engagement, where he helped high school students prepare for college. While in school at UTD, Brian met his spouse, Paul. Together, their adventures took them (and their two wonderful cats) across the country, from Dallas/Plano to Atlanta, and then to Seattle.

Everywhere Brian went, he lifted people up, making friends and adding a spark to every life that was lucky enough to have him in it. Brian was a talented singer and piccolo/flute player, an amazing listener and a skilled video gamer who knew how to crack a joke, all while always spreading positive vibes and making sure that those around him had a genuine smile. Brian thrived when building others up.

He is survived by his spouse Paul, parents Robby and Carina, siblings Michael, April, Aysha, Aaron and Andrew, and grandmother Monsy, as well as numerous in-laws, three nieces and five nephews who adored "Tito Brian" - and the two wonderful cats, Allie and Beau.

A memorial celebrating Brian's life will be held in Dallas, TX on a date to be announced. In lieu of flowers, donations to help with memorial costs can be made on Venmo: @April-Richey or CashApp: $AprilRichey

We will miss Brian dearly, and surely anyone with the good fortune to meet him will feel the same.


Sharon Oh wrote on Sep 29, 2022:

"Happy Birthday Brian. I miss you so much. I think of you almost everyday, missing your presence and friendship. It's been around 6 months since you left and I hope you're at peace. "

Kristen Lemasters wrote on Apr 15, 2022:

"Our sincerest condolences to Brian's family. We had the pleasure of meeting him online and playing FFXIV with him. From running dungeons to going to online dance parties and having great laughs, he made everyone around him genuinely happy. He never hesitated to help anyone, answer questions, and just hang out with anyone who wanted company. We will truly miss him. ~Kristen and Wayne (aka Renai and Sinnria)"

Peter Ortega wrote on Apr 15, 2022:

"My condolences to the Hernandez Family and his husband. Although, I really didn't know Brain for long, his impression he left on FFXIV and our discord was genuinely warming and friendly. We had great times laughing and just playing games together. He will truly be missed. Rest in Paradise."

Joey Ortega wrote on Apr 15, 2022:

"Thanks for the laughs and joy we shared on the nights of gaming! You always kept us laughing and We always loved hearing you laugh! We will miss you Brian "Moglo"! ---Your FC friend Zeelu "

Priscilla Gutierrez wrote on Apr 9, 2022:

"Brian's friendship was like no other. I loved Brian so much! He was the first person I genuinely felt like a friend. I remember my mom asking after graduating from high school, "Y Brian"? Because we were always together at one point but we grew apart. We lost touch but I always told everyone about my best friend Brian and all the good times we had together.... My condolences to his husband, Hernandez family and friends."

Isaiah Herrera wrote on Apr 7, 2022:

"I miss him everyday. It feels weird that you talk to someone you care about and the next they no longer are there. But he'll always be in my mind, and will always hold a special place in my heart."

Sol Reynolds wrote on Apr 6, 2022:

"I didn't get nearly enough time with Brian. Every moment I spent with him was sweet, relaxing, he was such a darling just to be around and talk to. I think about him a lot, and I hope he knew how much I, and so many other people, loved him. "

Sharon Oh wrote on Apr 4, 2022:

"Oh Brian.... From the moment I met Brian, he was incredibly loving, sweet, thoughtful, and had an insatiable desire to help. I was so lucky to be his friend. To all our memories playing online, meeting at Fanfest, and just the years of goofs and laughs. Brian was an amazing person.. My friends and I would always call him "Gamer God Brian" as a semi-joke, but there was truth to it! Whenever we beta a hard boss, Brian was the first person we'd tell. "Aren't you proud of us Brian?? You taught us so well!".. I'll miss you Bwian. So so so sooo.. much. "