In loving memory of

Earl Henry Zanoya
April 4, 1937 - May 7, 2022

Informed Choice Funeral
& Cremation Alternatives
3325 E. Washington Ave. Madison
(608) 249-6758


T Gavigan wrote on May 19, 2022:

"I saw Mr Zanoya about 2 months ago at the gas station and we had a nice chat. We talked about his red van, hockey trips, rides to West high, and more. I didn't know till then that he was in the service. They would explain a few things. LOL. Some 40 years later and the park (Westmorland) just doesn't seem right in the winter time without seeing mr Z on patrol in the red van driving past the hockey rink checking to see if we were up to no good. ~ All the best T. Gavigan"

Mary Beth Lewison wrote on May 14, 2022:

" Another of the "old guard" has passed onto the next level. The Liberts, the Lewisons, the Ritters, the Millers, the Watsons, the Schmitts, the Vilbrandts and now the Zanoyas. I'm probably leaving out so many. I know Zeke is with Joanie now and so very happy. I am sad to lose another friend, I am sad for all of you Zanoya children. Remember the best parts, you have many. Fondly, Mary Beth Lewison"