In loving memory of

Beverly Jo Allen
March 7, 1938 - June 21, 2022

Beverly Jo Allen, 84, of Rochester, MN died June 21, 2022 at Mayo Clinic, St. Mary's Campus.

Beverly was born in Iola, Kansas to Kenneth and Katherine Smail on March 7, 1938. She grew up in Worthington, MN. Beverly attended South Dakota State College where she studied to be a pharmacist.

Beverly was married to Paul Allen on October 17, 1959. Beverly was a pharmacist at Mayo Clinic for 35 years. She loved her job. She was active in Eastern Star and quilting club. She loved quilting and has made many beautiful quilts.

Beverly is survived by her husband Paul, daughter Elizabeth (Keji) Ii, son Thomas (Debra) Allen, sister Marsha (Robert) Tofte, brother Thommas (Joyce) Smail, grand-daughters Ariana Allen (Brett Chatman) and Deanne (Aaron Engen), Great-grandchildren Jayden Celius and Emma Engen and many nieces and nephews.

Preceded in death by Kenneth and Katherine Smail (parents), Patricia and Edward Burger (sister and brother-in-law).

A Celebration of Life will be held August 27, 2022 from 2:00-4:00 pm at Ranfranz and Vine Remembrance and Reception Centre, 5482 Royal PL NW, Rochester, MN 55901. Ranfranz and Vine Funeral Home is honored to be serving the Allen family; to share a special memory or condolence please visit


Kathy Duryea wrote on Aug 26, 2022:

"I worked with Bev for many years in pharmacy. She was one of the finest pharmacists I worked with. The welfare of the patient was her top priority. She was a very kind and compassionate coworker. She exemplified the Mayo commitment to excellence. The needs of the patient truly did come first for Bev. Well done good and faithful servant. My deepest sympathy to her loved ones."

Sherry Brandt wrote on Aug 25, 2022:

"I had the honor to work with Bev many years. When I started as a young pharmacy clerk I was kinda of scared of Bev. But when I became a pharmacy technician I got to work more directly with her. Bev was a very compassionate and giving of her time and professionalism towards our patients. She was always full of love and knowledge for the patients in providing great care and concern. I always loved her cute smirky smile. Beverly you will be missed but you've earned your eternal rest. Sincere Sympathy to Bev's family."

Susie Foxwell wrote on Aug 25, 2022:

"I had the privilege to work with Bev for many years as a Pharmacy Tech at St. Marys. She could be very intimidating but once you gained her trust, she made you feel part of the team. I specifically treasure the times we worked together in the satellite pharmacy on 3A. I was able to see first hand that Bev was committed to providing the best possible care to her patients. She could be like a ?dog with a bone? when she sensed there was an issue with an order. I?ve always said that if I was a patient, I would want Bev to be the Pharmacist checking my meds! Rest In Peace Bev!"

Julie Cunningham wrote on Aug 25, 2022:

"Bev is one of the first people I met when I started as a new pharmacist at Saint Marys Hospital. She intimidated me and I wasn't entirely sure what to make of her! Needless to say, I quickly learned she was all heart. Everything came from a place of positive intent for the best care of the patient, best reflection on our department professionally, and to help encourage and grow the next generation of pharmacists. I'm am blessed to have known Bev as a colleague and friend. Heaven has a new angel, one who won't be afraid to voice her opinion!"

Sherry Wendt wrote on Aug 24, 2022:

"As a young pharmacy technician, I was extremely intimidated by Bev at first. I learned very fast that Bev meant business and what we do in the pharmacy could make a difference in somebody's lives. Even though she would get upset when a mistake happened, she would take the time to explain the consequences and why it was so important to get it right the first time. I learned so much from her. I was still always a little intimidated by her but also had great respect for her and it was great to get to know her when we would have a little time to chat. Bev was an interesting, worldly and well read individual. She will always be remembered in the pharmacy as a great pharmacist and mentor! With sympathy to her family. "

Kevin Dillon wrote on Aug 24, 2022:

"Bev - A woman of intelligence, commitment, kindness, caring and faith. I am honored to have known her. She is now home. Kevin Dillon"

Kelly Wix wrote on Aug 24, 2022:

"To me, Bev is the epitome of a life well lived. Her photo made me smile and tear up at the same time....that twinkle/I know what you're thinking/don't give me any BS look. With love and respect always Bev. Kelly Wix"

Stacy Ellingson wrote on Aug 24, 2022:

"No one was more generous with kind words of encouragement to pharmacy newcomers than Bev. Her stories were varied and deep and she was a trailblazer for women in our field. I'm so very thankful for her voice among the male masses at the beginning of my career. We commonly referred to the "Bev-isms" and knew we would be held accountable if we spoke before thoroughly reviewing our information. Bev cared for the whole person. She wanted to know what made people tick and was always interested in hearing more about our lives outside of our job. I've tried to model myself after her and the generosity she showed me. God speed, Bev. You will be remembered! "

Stanley Jacobson wrote on Aug 22, 2022:

"Back in the mists of time I remember my first day of work at Saint Marys Hospital Pharmacy, young, brash and wet behind the ears. It was January of 1969. Bev was working that day and little did I know then that we would work together for almost my entire career. Bev would always approach me with that twinkle in her eye and that smirk/smile of hers. It is my endearing memory of her. The end of Bev?s shift was not determined by the clock, she worked until the work was done and she had done right by the patient?s she served. My niece died a little over a year ago. The following was found on her phone: ?I want to be remembered for my kindness, for showing up, for giving second chances, for acknowledging my own toxic traits and for loving selflessly. If that ain't it then I failed horribly. Remember to extend grace because we are all just walking each other home.? Bev has walked home and she walked with style."

Mark H. Siska wrote on Jul 31, 2022:

"The tribute I gave Bev upon her retirement: I first met Beverly in July of 1980 ---as a young new pharmacy resident I never imagined being her supervisor for nearly 13 years. When Bev finally decided to retire I could only imagine how difficult it was for her to finally make that decision. All that she has seen and worked through the past 35 years --practically every change one could imagine---from normal saline prepared meticulously in a sterile compounding area and dispensed from the pharmacy to a manufactured premade solution dispensed by materials management ---from medications dispensed in bulk bottles on the nursing unit to individually packaged medications dispensed in a cart to individually packaged medications dispensed in envelopes to individually packaged medications dispensed by automated dispensing devises?from working in the hospital basement answering questions only when asked --to prospective drug therapy monitoring and rounding with the patient care team. I don?t think Bev?s decision to retire was for her inability to take on yet another change ?I believe Bev finally decided to step aside because it became clear she has done all she can and now it is time to pass the torch to those aspiring pharmacists as I once was and hope they have learned to maintain the integrity of the profession by her examples. As would any supervisor I would like to think I had something to do with Bev?s many successes, but I believe the contrary. Bev has taught me and has prepared me to carry the torch and all the lessons I have learned from her on how the patient is still the most important customer we serve. She has also helped me learn that there will be times when our individual pride or egos must be set aside to achieve this goal. For this Bev I say thank you. In closing I leave with something that brings Bev?s retirement and years of service into perspective?while vacationing in South Dakota this past year I viewed on a mountain in nearby Hill City South Dakota a carving of Chief Crazy Horse ?I listened to the founder and sculpturer who was determined to make the dream of this memorial come true---one of the sayings he frequently voiced goes like this ?when the legends pass on?the dreams end ?but when the dreams end there is no more greatness---I believe we must continue to live our professional dreams and continue the greatness that Bev contributed to health care for nearly 35 years?thank you Bev for caring--- God bless you and your family: be at peace there are no drug drug interactions in heaven. "

Diane Krebsbach wrote on Jul 30, 2022:

"I worked as a nurse with Bev at Saint Marys for many years. She was always helpful and friendly and did her job well. She was missed when she retired, and will be missed now . My sympathy to the family. Diane Krebsbach"

Flo Litwinczuk wrote on Jul 27, 2022:

"Allen Family, As you know Bev was an amazing gal. Back in the day when I was a nurse working at St, Mary?s Hospital on Jo3G Bev was one of our Pharmacists. She was full of knowledge and I always trusted her expertise and advice to provide safe patient care. The team of nurses and physicians all knew Bev. She was a legend. May she rest well among the flowers and sunshine. Flo Litwinczuk "

Joseph Paul Kostick wrote on Jul 2, 2022:

"Bev trained me in as a new pharmacist at Saint Marys Hospital. She was perfect in this role and taught me a great deal about patient-focused care. She was a one-of-a-kind in the best sense and was so much fun to work with. Bev and a wonderful sense of humor and the more you got to know her the more that you liked and respected her. She cared about all of us. Great memories of a great person. Joe Kostick"

Bob Hoel wrote on Jun 28, 2022:

"Dear Allen family, I was saddened by this news. Bev was an incredibly strong, knowledgeable, professional, who influenced me a great deal. She showed me amazing respect and I had great respect for Bev as a wonderful colleague. Her solid demeanor led me (and our team members) to become better pharmacy team members. Bev always did the right thing, because, it was "the right thing". She was diligent in her work, but often shared laughter. Peace, comfort and Blessings to the Allen family. Bob Hoel."