In loving memory of

Christina Cassara
February 12, 1978 - July 13, 2022

We are Heartbroken of the passing of our Daughter Christina Cassara. She fought against Glioblastoma for over 2years. A True Warrior all the Way! She was this Amazing Dynamic Force! The Epitome of a Trusted and Kindest Friend to All! We will miss her Spirit, her Good Sense of Humor and let's not forget that Quick Wittedness!!! Christina was an Amazing Mom and she did that with her Whole Heart! She loved her daughters so very much! Christina is survived by her Daughter Faith Cassara, her Parents, her siblings-Tabitha Browne(Will L) Priscilla Summers (Josh S) Destiny Hooley, Journey Hooley, Mike Hooley
Nieces- Hailey, Hannah and Jaden
Nephews- Jaike, Skylar and Jens

Preceded in death by her daughter Melissa Williams in Sep/2000

Celebration of her life will be held at the Comfort Inn on July 30th between 3-7


Birdie Fanning wrote on Jul 26, 2022:

"Christina I will miss you with all my heart and soul. I will always be grateful for our many memories. The wonderful summers together swimming shopping and going to the library. The pure happiness in your face every time you got a new goal ribbon for your reading. Your excitement at learning to swim or driving Diane?s Corvette . The tears from falling while trying to learn how to skate .All the activities with your cousins make me smile. Christina I could write about you all day but it hurts my heart. Just know I love you and will never forget you my Chrissy. Love Auntie B"

Kelly Windisch wrote on Jul 25, 2022:

"Christina was my person. And the world has a gaping hole without her in it. My world is so much less without her in it. I want to share some memories that I've always treasured about her and always will. Forever THE most creative prankster. We met when we were neighbors and what drew me to her was what an amazing Mom she was. Not long after we met, she talked me into watching a soap with her. Gag me with a spoon! So I prepared and got her addicted to iced white chocolate coconut mocha with a chocolate croissant. Wasn't able to handle the soap, but yeah. We stole the maintenance golf cart one time. I drove it around the corner and she slathered vaseline all over the steering wheel. We sat there just waiting and watching. One night I got the heebie jeebies and asked her to look to see if she saw anything. Not long after, my doorbell rang and I was completely freaked. We were still on the phone and she told me to answer it and that she would see anything. And so I did. And there she was in a full on clown suit. Rainbow wig and all with her wicked laugh to match. One time, on my way to work she sent a text. I was waiting tables at the time. She called to ask if I got her text and that I needed to see it. So I did. It was a picture of a wormy boob. And I completely and fully grossed out. Cue her evil laugh! I had nightmares for two weeks. And I gave her hell about it forever. She knew the lyrics to any song imaginable. And ours was Baby Got Back. I always did the wonka wonka's in the background. She was always the one I'd call first. No matter what. With giggles, with tears. She was the one person that maintained hope when I could see none. Her fierce love and loyalty as a mother was like none other. She always thought ahead for things with Faith. They'd go on outings and she'd send pictures. She was and always be her biggest fan and supporter. Although her body broke, she will always be here. We talked about love, life, death, anything and everything. It was natural and okay. I miss calling and just shooting the shit. It doesn't make sense that I can't call her. That I can't here her voice on the other line. Her love, though, is something that will maintain within me forever. There's such a gaping hole in the universe without her. My world will never be the same and is so much less without her here. There's no sense in all of this. In her absence."

Mom wrote on Jul 24, 2022:

"I miss you, I miss our talks, I miss your face, I miss your smile, I miss you making me laugh!!! I love you "

Tina Moeller wrote on Jul 22, 2022:

"You were the big sister I never had, you protected and guided me throughout my early years. I have been so honored and great full to have you in my life. Miss and love you dearly. "

Jenn wrote on Jul 22, 2022:

"She was already an angel on earth, now she is in heaven. "

Mom wrote on Jul 21, 2022:

"No one can ever take your place I miss you sooo very much"

Kelly Carpenter wrote on Jul 20, 2022:

"You will always be my best friend I love you to the moon and back Forever and always "