In loving memory of

Lillian Virginia DiNardo
December 2, 1938 - August 2, 2022

Lillian Virginia DiNardo (née Polidori), passed on August 2, 2022, in her home in Pine Hill, New Jersey surrounded by her family.

She was born in Philadelphia and but was a resident of South Jersey for over 50 years. She is survived by her seven children, Dr. Levia DiNardo Hayes, Deborah DiNardo, David DiNardo, Steven DiNardo, Renee Wallace, Audrey Wilson and Wendy DiNardo. At the time of her passing, Lillian was a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to thirty-nine family members. Lillian's greatest joy was her children and watching her grandchildren grow. She saw every child in the family as a blessing, and played an active role in their lives.

In her 83 years, her resilience and zest for life never waned. She loved shopping, dancing, music, good food, and good company. It was easy to make her laugh, and her laughter was contagious. Lillian had an amazing sense of style, from head to toe, and from floor to ceiling. Her dedication and imagination will be forever remembered and celebrated.

There will be a visitation held on Sunday, August 7, 2022 from 11:00am to 1:00pm at GARDNER FUNERAL HOME, RUNNEMEDE.

Funeral service 1pm at the funeral home.

Interment is private at the request of the family.


Lisa Clark wrote on Aug 7, 2022:

"Lil. I miss you so much. You were the 1st person I met here. We were instantly friends, and stayed friends for 28 or 29 years. So many memories. I learned so much from you. My gravy ( not sauce, I know) has improved a lot. You were always there for me, no matter what. Always with the best advice. Even being an honorary grandmother for Aaliyah, when she didn't have one. That's how she remembers you, her grandmother. I'm so glad to have known you. You were the sunshine in my life. Truly a blessing to me and my kids. Actually, I'm sure you were a blessing to everyone that knew you. Sleep well my friend. "

Wendy Dinardo wrote on Aug 6, 2022:

"Mom, it was always you and me against the world. As I sit here thinking about my life with you, I think about all the times we spent shopping and going to lunch all the time you spent with my children who have always seen you as a second mother. All the times that you were my rock and gave me the best advice. All the times that you stood by my side when no one else would. You knew me better than anyone. You knew I would go to the end of the earth to care for you. You meant the world to me and god knows how much I wish I could?ve kept you here a little longer. The impact that you made on my childrens lives is monumental they will forever cherish their memories with you and they will never let the memory of you disappear. You will live forever in our stories and more importantly in the love we share with your great grand children. You taught us so much and your light will never go out. I can only hope that you are in a place of love . You deserve nothing but the best mom. I love you so much. I will forever miss you ."

Christine Keup Snowberger wrote on Aug 5, 2022:

"I never knew Lillian but I did know her daughter Renee! I know Lillian instilled the best part of being a friend to all of her children! She had to have been a special person to have raised the seven children that she did! I only wish I had the opportunity to meet Lillian but I believe I sort of did having such an amazing friend in her daughter Renee! I?m sorry for your loss!"

David Di Nardo wrote on Aug 5, 2022:

" where do i start my mother was the sweetest kindest understanding and of course loving most of all person on this planet i for one will miss her dearly .she was a constant in many of our matter what she always greeted u with a smile and a kiss she adored her family and was so proud of them my mom always positve . she taught me to love and be happy with your life because u only have one. my only regret is that i didn t visit her enough but she know we all love her she will forever be in our of the last things she said to me was she was me with out balls to me that was a compliment meaning i m just like her. al i can say is i ll always love my mama love u mom. "

Deborah DiNardo wrote on Aug 5, 2022:

"Mom I know you can hear me. You left us to soon but I have seen signs that your spirit is here. Your name Lillian on a wall. One of your favorite songs playing. Butterflies remind me of you so I bought a silver butterfly necklace to wear around my neck to honor you. I wake up every morning since your passing and I remember that your not here anymore again. I realize that I can't hear your happy voice and your infectious laugh. I can't call you on the phone for your advice. I will never feel the comfort from your amazing hugs. I do know that I will be with you again one day when it's my turn. God how I miss you yesterday today and tomorrow. I am in so much pain momma but I find comfort in knowing that you will never feel any kind of pain again. You are standing on both your legs. You are young and beautiful in heaven. You are surrounded by your loved ones that passed over so long ago. I find comfort in knowing that your spirit is actually all around each and every one of your children and grandchildren that need comforting in this emotional and most grieving time in our lives. I love for all eternity??"

Audrey Wilson wrote on Aug 5, 2022:

"My mom is a never ending song that plays over and over in my heart. She is my greatest inspiration on so many levels. She is the strongest woman I have ever known. Full of love and compassion who would have done anything for the love and happiness of all 7 of her children. She was my mother and my father. She taught me how to forgive those who did not deserve forgiveness. She taught me to have strong faith in God, I adore my mother for all that she has given me. My strengths come from this beautiful woman. Although my life will never be the same without her in it ? I am so thankful to have her as my mom for as long as I did. Thank you for showing me how to love whole heartedly mama. I will miss your hugs and wet kisses I will miss your adorable ittle peanut head. I will especially miss our late night phone conversations that sometimes lasted for several hours. Thank you for the laughter you were the funniest woman I have ever known. You were so special to me I will just miss everything about you. I'm not sure how to move on without you in my life. But you have also taught me to pick myself up when I fall, your inspiration will forever live within me and your spirit will keep me going. I love you mommy forever and always. I know your making quite an impression up there with your beautiful self. Keep surrounding your children with your presence even though your not here in the living it's so comforting to know your still here in spirit. Kiss on your beautiful face mama"

Steven DiNardo wrote on Aug 4, 2022:

"My world has been rocked by moms passing. I?ll forever be grateful to her for the the love she gave me. I gave her hell as a child but always tried to make up for it as an adult. I think I did ok. She loved everyone whole heartedly.. God gave us the time with her to say goodbye and only the best get such a gift to have all 7 of her babies there to keep her calm and ready for the trip to the unknown. She will always be in our hearts and minds as the greatest momma ever! "