In loving memory of

Ava Mae Haas
July 25, 2022 - August 4, 2022

Ava Mae Haas was born on July 25, 2022 in Rochester, MN. She passed away peacefully on August 4, 2022. Ava Mae endured an incredibly rare case of Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia, a genetic lung disease. She was able to spend ten days surrounded by the love of her mother and family.

Ava Mae was the child of two loving parents Dalton Haas and Kjerstin Booth. To any outsider, Dalton and Kjerstin seemed perfectly complementary. The pair met, fell in love, and planned for a beautiful life together. For them, Ava would be a bond to bring two families together; giving Kjerstin's little sons two special sisters, and providing Kjerstin with the love of her life to share the joy of raising children with. It is evident that the care and strength Dalton and Kjerstin each hold for these children is an example to all parents of unconditional, endearing care. This family was ready for little Ava to come into the world, welcomed by this beautiful, united love.

Yet, even in the midst of planning and expectations, we must admit that plans are not ours to claim. When Ava's father, Dalton, passed away unexpectedly in June, the family's world was turned upside down. Though his physical presence was missing, his love and legacy has remained in the heart's of those who loved and knew him deeply. Kjerstin, being surrounded in love, endured her pregnancy with Ava until a month later, when her light came into the world on July 25, 2022. A true light in the darkness!

The details of Ava's hospital stay were a mix of highs and deep lows and the family members alongside Kjerstin and Ava know this well. All while Ava was fighting, she was continually encouraged by her siblings, who drew her pictures almost daily, sang her songs from home, and prayed for her each night. Abel, Jamison and Atleigh all wanted to encourage their "Baby Sissy" to stay strong! In the hospital, Ava was cherished by all who met her. Though, this was not surprising, as she carried a sweet face yet a sassy personality (quite like her mother already!). The staff loved their time with her, and she was never short of a visitor to join her mother to sit at her bedside. Even in the midst of chaos and fear, Ava was bringing strangers into friends, and growing a family, all by the love that had created her. Ava Mae fought for ten special days, and on her last, she rested peaceably in her mother's arms, who sat cherishing every little breath from her little girl.

Though we had such a short time with Ava, we rest in believing she is with her father, Dalton, forever, being cherished all the more.

In heartbreak, joy was brought into the world. In darkness, light shone. No one can try to understand this tragedy, and the questions we all have will hang in the air.
But as we may wrestle with the "whys" and "what for's", may we take a moment to pause:
In an inhale, breathe in a breath for Ava, knowing she struggled to do it.
And in an exhale, let go of that suffering, resting that she no longer endures it.
In an inhale, breathe in every plan and hope you may hold on to.
And in an exhale, set them free, recognizing there is no guarantee.
Yet you just took one more breath, a gift in itself.

We cannot change what has happened.
We can yell, cry, plead with God and with our doubt. Yet we cannot change this.
We cannot just move on. Yet we cannot quite stay where we are.
We can only breathe.
In the midst of suffering, we can breathe.
And each breath is a gift.

Ava is preceded in death by her father Dalton Haas and grandfather Marvin Haas. She is survived by her mother, Kjerstin Booth. Her surviving siblings are Abel (five years old) and Jamison (three), and Atleigh (two). Her surviving grandmother's are Julie Booth and Kathleen Haas.

There is a deep desire for words to be enough to describe the life and love of little Ava Mae. But in writing, we can only fall short, because in her short time with us, Ava was indescribable.

Ava's older brothers find peace and joy in watching butterflies. In this way, they remember each of their loved ones who have passed. So when you see a butterfly, will you remember to pause for that moment, take a deep breath, and remember: this breath is a gift.

A private burial service will be held at Oakwood Cemetery, Rochester, MN with family friend, Pastor Terry Lorenz of Osseo,WI presiding. Ranfranz and Vine is honored to be serving the Haas and Booth family. To share a special memory or condolence, please visit


Kristine wrote on Aug 7, 2022:

"What a lovely child, beyond words can speak. So many of us loved you since the beginning. The day you were born. Excited! You were truly a blessing and a tough strong young lady. I shall love you always! I shall not ever see a butterfly and not think of you Ava. All my love... Great Aunt Kristine "

Karen Larsen wrote on Aug 6, 2022:

"Kjerstin, Julie, and family: I AM breathing but am also sobbing not only for your devastating loss, but also for the beauty of your words. Bless you all."

Mary Hartlund wrote on Aug 6, 2022:

"My heart is with you dear Kjerstin, Abel and Jamison. Words aren?t enough. May you find comfort, peace and strength knowing sweet Ava is at peace surrounded by the love of Jesus, her daddy and all the loved ones welcoming here. Your Angel will love on in hearts and memories. Our love to all of you. Prayers continue. ???"

Jane Gobler wrote on Aug 5, 2022:

"Sweet Ava Mae - I pray you are lying in your daddy's arms with your GG Lois by your side. We have all been sending up prayers for you and for your family. You are SO loved baby girl."