In loving memory of

Christine Hanna
July 18, 1952 - August 4, 2022

Christine Jeitner Hanna, born July 18, 1952, passed away on August 4, 2022. She died surrounded by family at home in Turnersville, NJ.

Chris believed in family. Raised in Haddon Heights, Chris was the youngest of three children and the only daughter of William and Louise Jeitner. She was proud of her father's military service. She was part of a large extended Italian family, including numerous cousins with whom she remained close until the end of her life. She married Wesley Hanna in 1972 and had three sons: Wesley (1978), Jeffrey (1981), and Scott (1985). She was the quintessential boys' mom. She said "I love you" daily, and always wanted to know that her children were safe. She enjoyed spoiling her grandchildren Olive, Ruby, Demi, and Lance. Chris selflessly cared for her brother Jim and her mother in their time of illness, and was cared for in kind by her sons and husband during her own final days.

Chris connected with people over the kitchen table. Her family enjoyed an abundance of home cooked meals, each one made with love.

Chris was nurturing. She loved her dogs and cats, especially her beloved beagle Tucker.

Chris was a hard worker. She simultaneously made her house a home and worked as a legal secretary, serving in the latter role for decades to fund her sons' higher educations. She retired from that role to become the office manager of her son Jeff's private practice, making his office bright and friendly.

Chris was fun. She liked entertaining. She liked to go out. She loved to dance. She enjoyed the boardwalk down the shore because she loved to watch all the different people having fun. Chris made friends easy and kept many of them forever.

Chris will be dearly missed. She is survived by her husband, sons, grandchildren, and brother Bill.
If you knew Chris, you'd know she loved flowers but wouldn't want lilies. She'd be better represented by flamingos than butterflies.


Hanna Jeff wrote on Aug 14, 2022:

"Thank you everyone for making wonderful comments"

Theresa Marmero Sochacki wrote on Aug 5, 2022:

"Chris, you were so loved by so many. You were a great friend and co worker. I will never forget our fun times and keep you on heart until we meet again. Stay out of trouble up there. LOVE ?? ? ? YOU "

Theresa sochacki wrote on Aug 5, 2022:

"Chris, I will never forget what an amazing friend and co worker you were. Such a funny,upbeat person So glad I got to see you right before your Birthday. I will keep you in my heart until we meet again. TRY AND STAY OUT OF TROUBLE UP THERE. LOVE YOU ALWAYS."

Theresa Marmero Sochacki wrote on Aug 5, 2022:

"Loved spending time with Chris. Such an amazing upbeat person. I WILL never forget our great times at work and on weekends.So glad I was able to visit her last month before her Birthday. God bless you Chris. You were very loved. Until we can hang again, I will keep you in my heart. Love Tre."

Janice Estep wrote on Aug 5, 2022:

"Chris was a good friend and loved her family. I'll never forgot our fun times, especially our trips to see Jerry Blavat and dance the night away. She will be missed."