In loving memory of

Tiffany R Hart

Tiffany R. Hart, age 55 and in great pain from her battle with cancer could not stay with her loved ones any longer and passed away on August 14, 2022. She was born in Seattle, raised in Tacoma and resided in Des Moines, WA most of her adult life. She attended and graduated from Tacoma and Seattle schools. Tiffany was vivacious, strong, stubborn, complicated and loyal. The great force that spurred her on was her strong will to live and to be always ready to grab for the next adventure ahead of her in life. Whether it was travelling to new places or trying new things her motto was often, "Let's just do it!"...and she did it well. Tiffany dealt with a severe chronic health issue that dominated her young adulthood and continued throughout her life. She still however found great joy in life including all things Canadian and revolving around all the time she spent visiting with her relatives living in Canada during her younger years.

In the end it was Tiff's great misfortune to have no trust left for the medical profession and no advocate to help her regain it. Her death was probably preventable, and that fact only adds to the pain.

There are no words to describe the sorrow we have suffered from having to say goodbye to Tiffany. Nor do we know if our torn hearts will ever heal but surely Tiffany has now been granted freedom from pain and given peace in a better place.

Tiffany left many people behind who loved her dearly. They included her mother, Stephanie, (her deceased father Jack K. Hart), stepfather Larry, her brother Jim, (Kim) and children (Taylor and Tom). Tiffany's three Aunts, Gayle (Dale) and son (Darren), Casey (daughter Christy), Kay (with her four children) and two uncles Tony and Lance and their families will miss her dearly. However, the most important person in Tiffany's life for the last 26 years was her partner Rose (children Mary and Lena) and Rose's extended family who allowed Tiffany to join in or not join in all of their wonderful celebrations and made her feel welcome either way. Tiffany and Rose joined their lives together for all things fun or difficult. Rose traveled anywhere and everywhere with Tiff plus she joined in all of the "Go For It" Activities Tiff came up with...even at the end when those activities turned into nursing and caring for Tiffany for the last few years of Tiff's life Rose was there. For all of those things and many more our family will always love Rose and feel overwhelming gratitude towards her. Another friend Jeanie, whom Tiffany met in junior high was Tiffany's partner in crime in all things exciting at that age while growing up in Tacoma.. Jeanie was still her best buddy even at the end and both of them laughing about their time and misadventures in their youth.

There will be a private gathering for a Celebration of Tiffany's Life along with a scattering of her ashes at a later date. Remember Tiffany always in her glory days.