In loving memory of

Marley Jayne Twining
May 25, 2009 - September 9, 2022

Marley Jayne Twining was born on May 25, 2009 right here in Muskegon MI. Early July of 2009 my son's father told me had bought me a dog. A pitbull. I was irritated to say the least until our very first meet. I loved Marley instantly and it was clear she loved me back. From that moment on, Marley and I were best friends who would spend the next 13 years at each other's side. No matter the situation, my girl was there. She saved me countless times from very dark places and it's her love that got me through those times. Marley was truly loved by all who had the honor of knowing her. Our gentle beast. Her only weapon was her happy tail. Definitely wanted to watch out for that to start wagging Marley lived here in Muskegon her entire 13 years. She loved sunbathing, human food, going bye bye and most of all she loved her humans. Marley Jayne will be forever loved and missed by her mom, Jennifer Twining. Her special boys Tavin (Nana) and Elijah (Ana), her very special kids; Robert, Lily, Elena and A'remy..Her Uncle Matt Newton and her Grandma Mona. Although my heart is broken, I will forever be grateful I was able to give her this gift at the end of her life. On 9/9/22 a 1:43 Marley took her last breath in my arms and crossed over to the 🌈 bridge.
Marley deserved the very best and I know she is at the rainbow bridge knowing she is loved and knowing she is missed. She was truly the bestest friend a girl could ever have, and she will forever remain in my heart throughout my life.
There will never be another Marley Until we meet again sweet girl. 🤞


Jennifer Twining wrote on Sep 21, 2022:

"Can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I felt your warm body pressed against mine. I miss you so much girl. I'm trying to be strong like I promised you I would but living without you is definitely harder than I ever imagined You will forever be my bestest friend and I'll be looking for you when I make it to those fields in the sky Love you forever and always sweet girl "

ramona Yell wrote on Sep 15, 2022:

"Marley was such a good girl no matter what situation she was faced with in life..she made true believers in humans that weren't sure about pitbulls(due to their bad media wrap)anyone that met and knew Marley lived her,even the nonpet people.she gave unconditional love to all?? she was a gentle giant that especially looked after all the kids throughout her lifetime.she was always good for a big snuggle and a sleeping pal.she will be and is missed by all the humans that cared and loved her.enjoy your freedom and painless life with all the others up around the rainbow bridge.grand ma loves you always sweet girl?love and all respects beautiful girl,Ramona Yell"

Jennifer Twining wrote on Sep 15, 2022:

"Oh my sweet sweet girl Momma misses you All-day everyday. Love u pretty girl. So glad you are at peace but my heart misses you so much. Until we meet again baby girl "