In loving memory of

Ronni Lynn Long
August 26, 1968 - October 10, 2022

Ronni Lynn Long was born on August the 26th, 1968 in the state of Missouri to her parents Nadean (Span) (Long) Fisher and Richard Long. She grew up fast and feisty, following in the footsteps of her five older siblings Steve, Sherri, Mark, Dirk, and Christine.

She moved with her family to Washington state at a young age, where she developed a deep love of nature and animals. Ronni enjoyed foraging for foods like mushrooms and asparagus. She had a passion for riding horses, and brought home every stray dog or cat she ever came across.

Ronni was known best for her free spirit and fierce heart. Impulsive and uninhibited, this world's rules and boundaries could never suppress her wild soul. Always ready for adventure and excitement, a stubborn sprite driven by an inextinguishable inner spark.

She was fond of literature, with a passion for poetry, limericks, and mystery novels. With a quick wit and an even quicker mouth, Ronni had a way with words and a voice she never hesitated to use. A voice that could be heard for miles around as she would trill her favorite tunes.

Sadly, she left this world too soon, a victim of the drug and alcohol addiction that she struggled with for most of her adult life. While she was a very intelligent and capable woman, she had a lot of fears and troubles in life that she had difficulty facing. Smart and sassy, with all the savvy needed to navigate this world, what she lacked was the confidence to do so. So strong in so many ways, if only she had possessed the strength to trust in herself, if only she'd had the strength to make better choices.

To meet Ronni was to never forget her, and now we will hold her in our memories and our hearts forever. On October the 10th, 2022 her soul departed this world to rejoin her mother, brothers, and son for the next stage of their spiritual journey. She leaves behind her three children Cecilli, Enrique, and Lyle, two sisters, one brother, her grandchildren, her nieces and nephews, and many many friends. She will be loved, missed, and remembered always by all those who knew her. If you want to honor her memory, all you have to do is make one good choice today. It doesn't matter if it's a small decision or a big one, when life gives you a choice today simply pick the best option; the best option for you, for your family, friends, and loved ones. One small decision can change your entire life, so make sure it's a good one. Make good choices.


Connie Gallas wrote on Nov 3, 2022:

"Ronni you have been a good friend to me for close to 20 years. We've watched each other's kids grow up and you were by my side through one of the roughest events in my life. If it hadn't been for you always smiling, laughing and your vigor for life, I could have easily lost myself down a dark road. Despite my attitude being completely the opposite of yours, you continued to pick me up every day and helped me see the world in a more positive way. I admire you for your strength of heart, joy for life and am amazed that one person could have so much love to share with everyone. I will miss the he'll out 9f you, already do. I love you, Ronni. Thank you for being my friend. "

Bobby Anfeldt wrote on Oct 14, 2022:

"Iv knowen ronnie most of my life. We wer really close so close that she asked me to be her boys godfather. N i promised her if anything happend to her that i would tske care of her boys. I will alwsys love her like a sister im guna miss her for the rest of my life. Iv been tryen to get ahold of the boys hopefully they reach out to me.."

Renee Bretz wrote on Oct 13, 2022:

"I knew Ronnie as a wrestling mom. She was always there to encourage her boys to be great young men. We talked at tournaments many times of how proud she was of Enrique and Lyle and the achievements they made. She always had a spark in her eye when she spoke of them. I always admired her dedication to be at as many tournaments as she could. Ronnie made an impression that spoke to my heart. God bless her. "