In loving memory of

Willie Edward Bradley
February 14, 1935 - November 9, 2022

Willie Eddie (Edward) Bradley, 87, passed away on November 9, 2022 at Denver Hospice Center at Lowry in Denver, Colorado.
FEBRUARY 14, 1935 - NOVEMBER 9, 2022
Willie grew up in Utica/Jackson Mississippi. He worked on plantations from a young child until his 30s. He enjoyed farming with his cousins. He then moved from Mississippi to Grand Junction, Colorado along with his cousins looking for work. He worked as a farmer and a truck driver delivering drywall for several years. He enjoyed his work. He left delivering drywall when it became too physically taxing but continued keeping himself busy with odd jobs outside in nature. He loved keeping his lawn looking nice and manicured.
Willie was a funny, hardworking, strong man. He enjoyed fishing/hunting, talking, and laughing with friends and family. He was known for his sense of humor and ability to make others laugh. He enjoyed spending time with his daughter and grandchildren.
Willie was preceded in death by his sisters and brothers, (Willie T, Maddie, Robert and another brother) In addition his mother and father Edna Bradley (Taylor) and Robert Bradley. He's survived by his daughter, Melissa her husband Scott and his 2 grandchildren.
No funeral or memorial place will be designated. Please post memories of Willie on the 5280 Cremation Obituary page. Any condolences or information you want to share about Willie can be sent to Melissa Williams,


Kim Williams wrote on Nov 15, 2022:

"My condolences y? to you Melissa & family. I will pray for You all. Kim "

Angela wrote on Nov 14, 2022:

"I loved Willie's sense of humor. When I first met him, he teased me for being short and looking young - I couldn't work with his daughter, I looked like a kid. ? I'm still short, I wish looking young lasted! Over the years I always enjoyed the stories Melissa shared about her visits with Willie. He was independent, strong, funny, and raised his daughter to be the same. He instilled a sense of commitment to family and hard work that Melissa is sharing with her children. Parents always hope to see our children do well and take the best of our lessons. I know Willie will be watching watching over his daughter and her family with pride, as they live out the best of what he taught them with a healthy dose of humor."