In loving memory of

Linda Pauline Godsey Strock
December 13, 1942 - January 23, 2023

Our beautiful sister, aunt, great-aunt and dearest friend, Linda Pauline Godsey Strock, also known as "Virginia Pearl Bunkie" (her vacation name), returned home to God on Monday, January 23, 2023, in Freeland, WA. Linda was 80 years old, born in Seattle, WA on December 13,1942, to Lawrence Dale Godsey (1909-1990) and Doris Pauline Baird Godsey (1917-1983). Linda was the light of everyone's life whom she touched, full of joy, song, laughter, and compassion. Linda will forever be remembered by her bright beautiful blue eyes and sunny smile.

Linda grew up in Seattle with very humble beginnings. She and her family lived in a small house on what today would be called a small organic farm. The garden helped to keep the family fed. Linda and her sisters Susan and Kimberly would sing in harmony while doing the dishes and other chores. Linda grew up active in the Methodist Church, singing in the choir and attending the youth group with a strong faith. She attended school at Lake City as well as Pinehurst Elementary and went on to Jane Adams Jr. High School.

Linda was in the first graduating class of Ingraham High School in Seattle (1961) and wrote the school song that still stands today. Linda sang in the school choir, a trio, and participated in theater. Linda spent two years at a community college before moving to Kansas City, Kansas. In her early career she worked for a variety of companies including Collier Encyclopedia and a stockbroker company. There she lived in a boarding house with three other women who have remained lifelong friends. In her mid-20s she returned to Seattle, working for the Kelly Girl® employment agency, where she was placed with Stimpson Advertising in Seattle. Stimpson Advertising then hired her, and she played a key role in the "Save the Pike Place Market" campaign in 1969, including composing the campaign jingle. She also worked one-on-one with Mario Andretti creating a product commercial.

Linda left Seattle and moved to Florida to join her then fiancé and love of her life, Jerry Strock. They were married on November 12, 1972. Jerry and his dad Kenneth Strock and stepmom Daisy Strock, co-owned/managed the Bonanza Sirloin Pit in Maitland and Orlando. Linda joined and worked the family business, as did her sister Kimberly Godsey, who came to visit in June of 1973. Kimberly, her youngest sister, was a troubled and drug addicted teenager that Linda and Jerry opened their hearts and their home to. They invited her to live with them and then became the legal guardians to Kimberly, who they called their 'rent a kid', and Kimberly called them her 'pretend parents'. The three of them created and nurtured an unbreakable bond that lives on. Not having any biological children of her own, Linda loved being a "pretend mom". She supported not only Kimberly but her friends to navigate their teenage years. Many fun times were had in their home for all of Kimberly's friends to enjoy and have fun with each other. It was the "party house". Linda and Jerry figured if they hosted the party they knew where Kimberly was!

Linda and Jerry left Florida in 1986 and moved back to the Pacific Northwest to be close to Linda's family and their Seattle friends. Linda and Jerry bought their beautiful dream home with mountain views in Ferndale, WA. They hosted "music parties" in their home. They extended that out into the community, performing at a local grange and other locations in the region. As a singer/songwriter and performer, Linda touched the hearts of all who had the privilege to sing and play alongside her, including those she comforted through song as a volunteer with Whatcom Hospice.

Linda's friends from Junior High School stayed close, celebrating their friendship at annual summer weekend getaways, including their 60th birthday get together at a villa in Mexico. Throughout their young life they often visited one of the girl's parents' homes on Whidbey Island, calling themselves the "Whidbey Girls".

Linda's work career concluded at Western Washington University where she worked in the President's Office, Theatre/Dance, and ATUS before retiring in 2005. Linda was one of the founders of the annual WWU Employee Art Show and volunteered for many years after retirement. Linda had a dear and close group of friends from Western who called themselves "The Hat Girls". For over 30 years they would dress in fabulous hats (or sometimes ridiculous stage production hats!) and meet at a local restaurant to celebrate each of their birthdays throughout the year.

So many things delighted Linda and made her happy. She adored her animal companions. Her cats, Flower, Peaches and Cream and, Miska a beautiful Husky who Linda had to chase after much too often being she was a digger and escape artist! She loved cold pressed coffee, dark chocolate, maple bars, vanilla ice cream and Lays potato chips!!! She also enjoyed Seahawks games and watching professional ice skating on TV. She found great pleasure in warm summer nights and tending her flower and rose gardens. Linda loved to sit on her green sofa and look out the window of her Ferndale home at Mt. Baker and on occasion to the south Mt. Rainer.

And there's post-it notes ... Linda loved them! Lots and lots of post it notes ... post it notes of every size, color, shape, lined, unlined she did not discriminate! She sometimes stuck them to her blouse or jacket at work for quick reminders.

Linda was kind, caring, loving, compassionate, whip smart and incredibly organized! She was a problem solver, a communicator and a diplomat ... when she wanted to be! She was someone you wanted on your team because for sure the job would get done and would be done right. She was direct, honest, and trustworthy. Linda was generous, warm, friendly, and always reaching out and helping others. If there was any way Linda could make your life better, she would do it.

Linda gave her whole self when she gave. She was so creative and musically talented. She was feisty.... boy was she feisty...Sagittarius/Irish/Godsey girl and she was also courageous, strong, and hilarious! Funny and fun loving. Anyone who knows Linda has a funny story about her to tell!

Linda was able to remain in her Ferndale home for as long as possible due to the excellent support, assistance and love she received from her devoted friends, neighbors, and care providers. Whidbey Island seemed like the right place to look when it came time came for Linda to receive more support with her formal Alzheimer's diagnosis in 2018. Her family encouraged her to tour a Care home on Whidbey Island close to her brother Larry and within commute time for her sister Kimberly. Linda thought the Care home was very good but did not have a willingness to move (understatement). Her family, church members, and friends lovingly moved her on September 25, 2021. She adjusted quickly, and her apartment became home. The Maple Ridge Assisted Living care staff and facility itself have been wonderful! Linda is beloved to all who knew her there.... which is pretty much everyone! She lived her 16 months with enriching activities and meaningful companionship, especially her very special friend Jack. Linda and Jack (92) were the best of friends and loved each other. They were so blessed to each find love again in their later life, sharing their gifts of smiles, humor, kindness, and love. They enjoyed each other immeasurably! We have informed Jack he is part of our family, and he is stuck with us!

Linda lived a full and rich life. Linda passed peacefully with her brother Larry and her sister Kimberly by her side. We will all miss her beautiful smile, sunny disposition, and beautiful blue eyes. Linda lives on in her music and song and in our hearts.

Linda precedes her cherished husband of 39 years, Jerry L. Strock, the "Best Boy Scout Ever", who passed on February 28, 2011, and her sister Susan Elaine Godsey Jackson Dennis (1949-2003). Linda is survived by her brothers Al (Pam) Godsey, Larry Godsey, sister Kimberly Godsey, and numerous nieces and nephews, as well as great nieces and great nephews and her wonderful friends. Linda loved her family and friends dearly and they loved her in return.

An avid gardener, Linda's Celebration of Life will be held in August in Bellingham, when the garden roses and dahlias are in bloom.

The family thanks Whidbey Health Hospice, Coupeville, WA, and Maple Ridge Assisted Living, Freeland, WA.
Donations in lieu of flowers may be made in Linda's honor to:
Whidbey Health Hospice,
Alzheimer's Association,
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Christina Van Wingerden wrote on Feb 3, 2023:

"Linda was a lighthouse to me with her love and compassion when I was a young woman. I will never forget her huge love, her songs , her encouragement. She was beautiful inside and out and one of the most generous in spirit and love people I have ever met. Peace, love, and unspeakable joy Linda! "

David Godsey wrote on Jan 31, 2023:

"My Aunt Linda was an incredible person. Her capacity to love seemed endless. She was hilarious, very musically talented, the life of the party, and extremely creative. I will miss her, and listening to her beautiful soothing singing voice. Love you Aunt Linda."

Lou Lippman wrote on Jan 29, 2023:

"I enjoyed seeing Linda and exchanging musician stories each year at WWU's employee art exhibit, which she had spearheaded and to which she devoted boundless energies. Such a sweet, warm, and vigorous individual. "

Linda Calkins wrote on Jan 29, 2023:

"I met Linda When I worked at Western and have such great memories. She was one of the most joyful, smartest and funniest women I've ever known. Always gracious, she had a knack for making the best of difficult situations. She was a beautiful human being."

Matthew Wright wrote on Jan 27, 2023:

"Linda was like a big sister to me and I loved her with all my heart! Kimber and I were (are!) the dearest of friends and spent many hours singing together at Linda and Jerry?s house . They were both unfailingly kind to me and I felt like one of the family. Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"