In loving memory of

August (Lucky) Hurban
February 22, 1937 - February 8, 2023

Lucky (nickname given to him in the Navy) passed away from late stage dementia. Anyone who knew Lucky will appreciate that up to the very end, he had great joy and a song in his heart.

Born in Allentown, PA he quickly became a pacific northwest boy after being stationed on Whidbey Island as a Radar Jammer for the Navy. Plus a cute girl, named Cleo, caught his eye.
They dated for a month and were married for 56 years...sure showed those who said it would never last!!!

Lucky loved people deeply and his goal was to make others laugh. He served generously through his company, Cascade Trophy, for over 40+ years with his beloved "bride" Cleo. His treasure was people and most times his business decisions reflected that more than not.

He also loved to fish, travel, gamble and dine with friends.

Lucky was preceded in death by his wife Cleo in 2013. Survived by daughter Debbi (Barry) Hawney, son Brian (Kimber) Hurban and son Steve (Jennifer) Hurban. Lucky was a proud and very loved Grandpa to 6 grands (+4 spouses) and a Grampi to 8 greats.

We will miss Lucky's humor, energy and unconditional love. Heaven just got a bit sweeter.

In lieu of a service please submit notes, stories and pictures to this Celebration of Life page as a gift to the family.


Elizabeth Kong wrote on Mar 23, 2023:

"To our beloved Debbi Hurban Hawney?.Your Dad has brought much joy to those around him. How I wish I could have met him. "

Rick Dachenhausen wrote on Mar 7, 2023:

"I first met Lucky and Cleo when Barry and I were working at Jimbo?s Familyt Restaurant. They would come in multiple time a week for a late breakfast or early dinner and it was always great to seen them. He would make you feel Ike you were his best friend?.every time! He was always telling you what his kids were doing and how proud he was of all of them, or what was happening at the trophy shop! He and Cleo were just the kindest people and I am so happy that they are together again! R.I.P?.You will be thought of often, and I just wish I had your never ending energy and infectious smile! "

Karen Jennings wrote on Mar 6, 2023:

" We met Lucky and Cleo in the 1980?s when our son James and Jake played on different sport teams together. Lucky was always one of the more energetic adults on the sidelines. He was always smiling, laughing, and encouraging his grandson and all the other kids on the team. Yes we were guilty of giving the kids trophies at the end of the season, but hey, Lucky owned Cascade Trophy. We have been blessed with a friendship with the Hawney?s all these years and Lucky too. One of my favorite memories was taking Lucky out to lunch at Denny?s, (he picked). I had brought my toddler grandson along, and Lucky showed him off to everyone in the restaurant. He loved on all the kids. Besides his family, one of Lucky?s greatest legacies is his smile and joyful nature. I can?t think of him without that smile."

Sophie Schwoyer wrote on Mar 5, 2023:

"Wow! Where to begin. I and my and my brother were 10 yrs apart. I was 7 and he left at 17 for the Navy. He was my big brother. Years past and he lived in Washington State and I lived in Pennsylvania . We drifted apart for years. My husband And I were planning a vacation to Olympic Peninsula so we planned also to see Soony(Lucky ) my brother for a few days. It was wonderful like we were never apart. After Cleo died he came to Pennsylvania to spend a week with me. We had a a family reunion between siblings, nieces and their husbands. It was great . I guess he snd I take after my dad with the gaming games. We went to the casino and had a blast. We were yelling at ghe machine ?Jubelee? Jubelee? that was the name of the slot machine. People probably thought we were crazy but we loved it. I went out a few years later to visit him for he was starting to have memory issues and I had to spend time with him before he forgot me. It was a wonderful time down memory lane with him. I thank God for us reconnecting. It was in God?s plan. I got to know my extended family which is a blessing. R.I.P. my brother. Your infectious smile and fun loving humor will stay with me forever "

Martha wrote on Mar 4, 2023:

"I love this picture of Lucky, Debbi and Barry. This was in 2013 when they walked for Empowering Lives in Kenya in memory of Cleo "

Nadine Rutherford wrote on Mar 2, 2023:

"I got to meet my Uncle Sonny a few years ago and fell in love with him instantly! He was so fun to be around and just bubbled with JOY! Through him I was also blessed with my sweet cousin Debbie and for that I?m forever grateful! "

Richard and Ricarda Springer wrote on Mar 2, 2023:

""Hi there ya doin"? First words to me when i would come into the shop. Cleo and Deb would be running to and fro trying to get orders out and they would hear Lucky say "Oh! 50 trophies? And you want them by noon?! No problem! He always had a smile on his face. Cleo not so much on those days. I remember the grandkids on blankets sound asleep. It truly was a family business and when you came in you felt like family too. (Unless you were the ladies that had to make the 50 trophies Lucky said promised would be done by noon. There was one thing about Lucky that i DIDN'T like about lucky and a portion of his family! We had the unfortunate experience of having them to bowl against us on our Sunday evenings. We knew if Lucky..Cleo..Barry annd Debbi..we were in for a short for our team as they have beaten us..yes,all 3 games at a snap of our heads saying AGAIN!!??? We have only good memories for Luck. Deb said how much Lucky his cat during his later years. It brought great memories for him. Whether or not anyone may have understand their relationship..Lucky sure did. It brought him great joy. So Cleo your handsome fella is no longer of our realm but yours. I know youll find him. Hes the one shouting when he sees you "Hi hun how ya doin'? . "

Mindy Loux wrote on Mar 2, 2023:

"I appreciated that Lucky was always kind and happy to see me (and everyone else!) Ionly really knew Lucky in the latter years and it was such a sweet gift from God, that as he was losing words and memories, his smile and sweetness remained! Thank you Jesus! It was a blessing to watch his tender heart towards Jesus, seen in times of worship or when children were around. He was always eager to share a story or a joke. He is missed!"

Chloe Hawney wrote on Mar 1, 2023:

"Grampi you were always the light in everyone's life, the one that kept people smiling. You will be forever missed as the fun loving, goofball that you were. Thank you for the special moments you gave me when I was little and the special gifts you gave to me aswell. I will still wear them and cherish them whenever I can and will always cherish your name. Thank you for the life you lived, we all hope you are dancing up there with Gigi right now living your best life. Love you Grampi -Chloe your great grand"

Fred Breedlove wrote on Mar 1, 2023:

"Lucky always had a friendly smile and good attitude. I always enjoyed our short, but interesting conversations. I remember one time when Lucky decided to go "exploring" and nobody had any idea where he went. I searched for him in Snohomish County, and coordinated with Snohomish County Search & Rescue. It turned out that Lucky had made it to King County where he was eventually located. Lucky's adventures and independent spirit had a lot of us worried, and it was a huge relief when he was finally located. Lucky was one of those people who you couldn't help but like, and I always felt better after our conversations."

Sheri Halberg wrote on Mar 1, 2023:

"Ronn and I were blessed to know Lucky through Debbi for the past 10+ years. He was always so joyful, sweet, funny ~ and always had a smile on his face. We're grateful knowing he is now with Jesus and his beloved wife. Debbi, we send you and the family so much love ... you were and are such a loving, devoted daughter! Love, Ronn and Sheri Halberg "

Dayna Hawney-Arey wrote on Mar 1, 2023:

"Lucky when I say your name I just smile. Whenever I saw you you would make me laugh somehow. People loved being around you! I remember when Barry and Debbi were dating Barry always talked about you. You were so very important to him, I love you Lucky. Thank you for the joy in your heart that you shared with everyone!"

Jessie Hawney wrote on Mar 1, 2023:

"Grandpa will always live on in the hearts of those who knew him! He had an infectious spirit and always a mischievous twinkle in his eyes! He and Grandma loved and accepted me into the family instantly. He will be missed by his grandson Jake and I and his great-grandkids, Chloe and Bryce immensely. We love you Grandpa and know that you are being silly and having fun in heaven!"

Kerry wrote on Mar 1, 2023:

"I know what a special person he was because of the legacy and beautiful family that will carry on his love for years to come! Love you all Kerry"