In loving memory of

Michael Casey Anderson
April 29, 1965 - April 5, 2023

Mike is survived by his parents Helen and Doug Anderson, brother Merrill John, his dog Alvin and Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. Mike died with his dog "Alvin" by his side of natural cases in his home in Burien WA. The same home he was raised in.
His family moved from there in 1975 to DesMoines, WA. He attended Sacajawea and Federal Way High School. He along with friends, started auto body, painting in the garage. He turned a Datson mini truck into an awesome low rider painted it Candy Apple Red.
That along and with different jobs, he went to work for Blakley Brothers his grandfather's business where he started as a laborer, pipelayer, truck driver, operator with exceptional skill and in the later years he ran Blakley Brothers until its closing in 2019. Mike moved back into the Burien home in 1993, where he only had to walk across the parking lot to get to work.
Throughout his life he had dogs, starting with Pig, the family dog and Chelsie. Mike started naming his dogs after ground material, Pea Gravel, Pebbles. Almost all of his dogs had some sort of health issue and all these dogs except, Alvin has preceded him. Alvin was a runt dog with a clefted mouth but Mike nursed him to health and has raised him to be an awesome dog. Alvin has been rehomed and we know that Mike would be glad of who has taken him. Alvin is settled in with his new family.
Mike was a major player in helping his grandparents Easton Cabin project, he enjoyed fishing and hanging with family campfire. He was active in a Jeep Club with "Fat Rat" and the Harrison Bunch, where they sand dunned with Jeeps! He followed Nascar and went to Las Vega's track to watch the races, live! He lived the good life there! Limo rides, girls!! He purchased a 1966 Nova where he tricked it out to be a race car. He loved speed and wanted to go fast. He retro fitted his engine to take Nitro gas so he had the delight of going 125mph in it on the track.
Mike re friended with a school chum Annette Bentley and they became a couple, she lived with her grandkids but stayed with Mike on weekends. Mike had plans on buying a motorhome and travel with his dog, Alvin and Annette after her resent month-long visit with her mother in Oklahoma. He had plans to marry her in his moms back yard someday! He was in no rush, which was Mike's nature. Annette said that Mike Inspired her and she appreciated how well he treated her. He was many great things to her; he was definitely loyal, honest, kind, strong and balanced.
His struggle with health issues was not known to many. Mike never complained about his Type 2 Diabetes diagnosed 20 years ago which led to losing his left leg from knee down in 2019 and having trouble with the right foot where his toes where removed. He started having anxiety attacks which lead to heart issues requiring a pacemaker installed in 2021. He did get cataract surgery last year so he was enjoying better sight.
Mike was a man of few words. He had a calming manner and was a very nice guy! He made many friends along the way, he will be missed....Rest in Peace


Rick Estes wrote on Jun 5, 2023:

"Had a lot of memorable times with Mike. Taking the 174 to SeaTac mall on a Friday night to watch a movie. Afterwards we would go to the hobby shop in the mall and pick up a modal, usually a truck modal then stay up all night building them. Another favorite was taking the bus to the airport and returning those luggage carts for $.0.25 each. We would return carts until we had enough to buy lunch and buy modals, this was before we were 11 or 12 years old LOL. Later on cars became the focus, going to SIR to watch Mike race his original primer gray Nova or other friends race their cars. I could go on and on. Rest in peace Mike. "

Helen Anderson Mom wrote on May 12, 2023:

"Forever in my Heart Love Mom"

Kay Ware wrote on Apr 22, 2023:

"You are a gentle soul,,,not many people have that trait. I am remembering all the times we where together as a family...You where a good kid...babysitting our kids, camping...the cabin...Loved animals especially dogs...Turns out you where a great father to Pebbles 12 puppies, Alvin being one of them. I am so glad you are out of pain,,,,Im glad you where my friend and nephew...Im pretty sure, you already know that I Love you Mike!! Your Aunt KayEllen"