In loving memory of

Jeffrey David Chalker
September 21, 1965 - August 18, 2023

Jeff Chalker was born September 21, 1965, in Seattle, Washington. He is survived by his daughter, Lindsey, and host of family. Jeff was a world class automotive craftsmen/technician, which cultivated his love of exotic/luxury and high-performance automobiles. He enjoyed live music, riding his motorcycles, working on his many car projects, and appreciated art more than anyone. He dedicated his life to the things that brought him the most joy. This world will never feel quite the same again without Jeff in it.


Levi wrote on Oct 17, 2023:

"Like many people, I suppose, Jeff was many things. Some of those things were at odds with one another. He was cranky and obstinate, and kind and open-minded. He was opinionated, quick to anger and careless with his words, and soft spoken, thoughtful and caring. He loved food, music, and art, and as part of that art, he loved cars. As others have stated, he had a gift and plied it well on some truly spectacular machines. Machines that few people have had the good fortune of seeing, let alone touching, driving, caring for and repairing. Living automotive history has benefitted from his skill and presence in this world. But not only did he care for machines and food, and music and art, but truth. The truth of the universe. The truth of life. We spent many a long hour in conversation over the mystery of it all, and what science, religion and other enthusiastic pursuits could help inform us of, on such a topic. I had the good fortune of knowing something of Jeff. And of reminding him of someone he knew previous, apparently, one Edwin. Edwin had died too early, too. It allowed him to care about me, to mentor me, to introduce me to others that allowed me to grow, at a time when I needed it. I like to think he benefitted as much from knowing something of me, too, in our many long listening sessions, and conversations. I suppose I will never know. He was my friend. I am hurt. Goodbye, Jeff. Travel well."

Margee Moore- Morse wrote on Oct 6, 2023:

"In the early 80s Jeff's, Uncle Bob Norwood and I flew out to Seattle and brought him back to Dallas. He was a young teenager at the time and full of dreams and energy. Our Norwood Ferrari shop had a lot going on and Jeff was excited. Jeff was involved with our Can-Am race team and we won the 5 liter championship that year. Through the years, Jeff went on to become a certified mechanic and worked on many high end exotic cars. You left us to young Jeff. Wherever you are in the universe, know that you were loved and are missed. I have included several photos of Jeff, the team, me and the family."

Jake wrote on Sep 3, 2023:

"Such an energetic man and a loyal friend. I appreciate all the advice and even seeking my counsel from time to time; we had a great friendship and Christie and I will miss you terribly. We'll be having a black and tan really soon, we'll see you there. Now, onto your next adventure, Friend."

Brian Rockey wrote on Aug 23, 2023:

"We hope you are at peace brother. You will be missed and remembered. I will miss our talks and the spirited conversations. Jeff you were the best when it comes to cars and getting the most out of every thing that burns gasoline. I was a witness to your unbelievable skill set. Rest in peace pal. "

Bryan wrote on Aug 22, 2023:

"Rest in peace, Jeff."