In loving memory of

Todd C. Tatro
July 4, 1962 - November 15, 2023

Todd C. Tatro, of Antigo, died on November 15, 2023 at his home under the care of his family and LeRoyer Hospice. He was 61 years old. He was born on July 4, 1962 in Antigo, a son of LeRoy "Shorty" and Delores (Markgraf) Tatro.

He was a graduate of Antigo High School, class of 1980. Todd grew up working in the family business from a young teen and eventually took it over under Todd Tatro Excavation, LLC. When Todd dug a basement, you never had to measure twice. He also worked for the City of Antigo in the street and sign department and later as a grader operator. He loved the comradery of his customers and co-workers. They meant the world to him. Todd was a member of the Antigo Bow Club and shot trap with the Phlox Sportsman Club.

Todd followed in Shorty's footsteps and shared a passion for hunting, fishing, and cooking game. He was a woodsman with a keen eye for putting up deer stands in the perfect tree that allowed him to spot a deer before his fellow hunters. His skills with fishing were just as great as he could outfish anyone. Many of his fishing holes were kept a secret so there would always be plenty of fish to catch and feed to his family. He enjoyed spending time with his children passing these skills onto them so they could continue the tradition of hunting and fishing at the family cabin. Todd was an amazing man who will be remembered dearly by everyone for his good heart.

Survivors include three sons, Cortland Tatro of Brandon, FL, Nicholas Tatro of Weston, and Trey Tatro of Mayfield, KY; a daughter, Sophia "Fifi" Tatro of Mayfield, KY; four sisters, Victoria (Robert) Prelipp of Birnamwood, Tina Tatro of Antigo, Lea Tatro of Birnamwood, and Alaina (David) Reynolds of Tomahawk; two brothers, Scott (Ann) Tatro and Cal Tatro both of Antigo; many nieces and nephews; and two ex-wives, Michelle Arrowood of Mayfield, KY and Terrilynn (Bill) Thom of Gleason.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brothers, Raymond, John and Robert Tatro.

A memorial service will be held on Tuesday, November 21 at 11:30 a.m. at Bradley Funeral Home. Burial will take place in St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery. Visitation will be held on Tuesday, November 21 from 9:30 a.m. to the time of service at the funeral home.

The Tatro family would like to thank LeRoyer Hospice and close friends for caring for Todd through his journey.


Michelle Arrowood wrote on Nov 22, 2023:

" There were some beautiful things said about Todd @ his service. He was a hard worker that loved to laugh & he was a practical joker. He was an awesome cook & sportsman. He had a big heart & a kind soul. As his family stood to speak,they were having a hard time. I thought about what I?d have said if I?d have had the strength. My son asked me the other day why I fell in love with his dad. I answered & I?ve been thinking about his question ever since. What would I want the world to know about Todd? Todd was all the things his family said he was & he was so much more. Todd loved to talk about history. He was a would be inventor & entrepreneur, always talking about his next big idea & how people would love that. (The rubber duck race for the shelter was his idea that I talked about but never did. He was right!) He loved to dance & the song below was one of his favorites to twirl me around as we?d lap the dance floor until exhausted. Some of the best times. He also loved ?Bad to The Bone? by George Throoughgood & anything by Steppenwolf or The Cars. Todd loved to watch Deadliest Catch & True Crime Mysteries on TV?I used to tease him that the outcome was the same, you know somebody dies?He loved kids & was particularly phenomenal about going out of his way for other people?s kids?I can still hear him talking about Zack Waldvogel & his Mallorie Kaputz in particular?Todd would go out of his way to watch a little one smile. He loved to play games & tricks He always wanted 5 kids & particularly a little girl. Well we outdid that, raising 6 in all w 2 girls 16yrs apart that loved to be outdoors & loved him, a dream come true for him. Todd?s gentle encouragement helped me to wrap up my last year in college when I was too tired to drive & just wanted to be done. He?d have dinner waiting for me & was my reward of fun at the end of a stressful week. I will never forget his words that got me across that finish line. He also had me climbing trees to hunt & sitting for hours on a bucket in the middle of frozen lakes to catch dinner. I learned things about myself & nature that I never would have known without his encouragement. They are still popping out of my mouth when I least expect it to the surprise of those around me. I leaned to process deer & to cook more than pasta! He will be with me forever in the kitchen & as I look at nature. He made me want to be a wife & mother more than anything. Todd adored his mother & they were close. I watched how he treated her & the closeness they had (he was one of her self admitted favorites). He would see her in a light no one else would, pay attention to what interest her & grow that for her (he bought the ducks she loved to feed) Thankfully, Todd?s sons & I have that same kind of dynamic & I am grateful for it everyday. Todd loved to talk to people & to listen to their stories. He could walk into any venue & make a friend. He carried himself w style & could carry conversation with the best of them. Todd idolized his older brother Bobby who he lost when he was about 9. He grieved for him his whole life & dreamed about what might have been had Bobby lived. Todd used his experience w loss to bring me back to life after multiple devastating losses in my own life. His patience & gentle presence literally picking me up off of the floor & catching me so as not to fall saved me more than once. Thank God he was there with me. He was one of the most forgiving people I ever met. People would take advantage of him & he would chalk it up to circumstance & that they were doing their best, offer another chance. He was an excellent bonus dad, showing up in ways for our niece & nephew that were beautiful & thoughtful & giving. He loved them as his own & accepted them completely into our daily family life. He loved to talk & visit & our poor kids were lucky to get through a store without him bumping into someone. He was the kind of guy that just made you feel good when you saw him. Todd had deep anxiety & hurts he would not discuss with anyone that he dealt with in his own way. His kids & I could not fix it with our love & heaven knows we tried. We loved him until the day he died & we will love him forever. He will be with us always. We will honor the lessons & teach them to the next generation as Father said. "

Renée Wink wrote on Nov 19, 2023:

"I was invited to taste a wild game stew once at Reif's & it was delicious. Todd then told me about his sport adventures."

Michelle Arrowood wrote on Nov 19, 2023:

"Thank you all for loving Todd & for offering support particularly to our amazing kids! Our hearts are broken with losing the chance to smile & share w him, to feel that giant hug of his. We were a part of each other?s lives for more than half of our own lives. Together we helped to raise 6 beautiful kids including our 4 biological & 2 very special bonus kids (our Jacob & Megan Arrowood) We ran a business of our own & some for other people. We saw the death of all our parents & a child we loved dearly. Life certainly held some large difficulties & we each dealt w that in our own way. Todd was a good man & I am grateful for all of your remembrances. I literally have thousands of pictures but I wanted to share some here. Just a glimpse of some of the very good times. I am blessed that I see him in each one of our children & he is with us every day. His good & kind ways live on in them. The laughter, the cooking, the hunting & fishing, & yes, even the dance moves ?? Praying for strength for us all in this loss. Thank you. "

Kate vandeHey wrote on Nov 17, 2023:

"My condolences to the family and prayers for all "

Pam wrote on Nov 16, 2023:

"So sad to hear of Todd's passing. I still remember the gifts he gave me in our St Joseph grade school Christmas name drawing. His mom probably picked it out, but it was so sweet. He always had the big box of 64 crayons with the sharpener and would share with a smile. So many memories of his kindness and sweet personality from 50+ years ago, My prayers and sympathy to the family and all who know and love Todd. "

Rose Engelhart wrote on Nov 16, 2023:

" So sorry to hear the news. Todd was a great man. My prayers and condolences to the Tatro Family."