In loving memory of

Larry Frank Gill
May 1, 1947 - December 13, 2023

Larry Frank Gill was born in Auburn, Washington on May 1st, 1947 to June and Frank Gill. Shortly thereafter he moved to Kennewich, Washington where he spent the first 5 years of life and then moved to West Seattle where he would spend the next 13 years of his life. In the spring of 1967 at the budding age of nearly 20 he was drafted into the army and took his first flight to Fayatteville, North Carolina and then transferred to Fort Lee, Virginia where he would spend 9 months in basic training at Fort Bragg. I still remember my father telling me stories about stopping in Chicago, the largest airport he'd ever seen and later on boarding a charter flight from Atlanta to Fayetteville. One thing he noted were the strong southern accents he was not accustomed to being from the Pacific Northwest - it really stood out to him.

After his journey in the army he would go on to marry his high school sweetheart Diane Templeton at her home in July 1971 and later study at the Eastern University in Chenney, Washington double majoring in Sociology and Business. I remember him and my mother telling me stories about the frigid winter when the inside of their windows froze and the boiling summers when they would put their bed sheets in the freezer to sleep more comfortably at night - with little to no avail. I also remember my dad telling me about his study habits and would later give me tips for retaining massive amounts of information in college. He would tell me: ''Get the used books for your classes and see what sections are highlighted.''

After graduating from Eastern University Larry and Diane would return to Western Washington and found an apartment in Bellevue along with their three cats. In 1975 they purchased a rambler home in Medina where they would remain for the rest of their lives. I remember my mother telling me how barren that house was and they couldn't even cook anything - quite a contrast to the home that it is today filled to the brims with antiques, love, memories, and the smell of garlic and herbs, and the elaborate garden outside with various species of plants collated over the years. In this house Larry and Diane would create a home and welcome their first and only son Colin in April 1988.

Larry will always be remembered for the ways in which he could find humor even in the most mundane things, his time and dedication to the garden, and the imaginative stories he told his son at a young age. He will be remembered as a husband who was loyal, passionate, and dedicated to his family. His survivors include his sister Linda Holt, wife Diane Gill, son Colin Gill, niece Lori Knight, great nieces Heather Spieth, Alyssa Templeton, Lexi Templeton, Aine Templeton, nephews Brian Templeton, Charles Templeton, Brian Jones, great nephews Michael Knight, Aaron Templeton, Keegan Templeton, and brother-in-law Robert L. Templeton, and adorable cat Rosie.

We love you Larry always and forever.


Dolores Wilson wrote on Dec 25, 2023:

"There are times in our lives when life is difficult. During difficult moments when you are unsure of the direction to follow be still, the gentle voice from within will guide you. Diane, please know that you and Colin are loved more than words can say."

Kimberly Weed wrote on Dec 18, 2023:

"I will always miss his energy and smile in my cycle class at Bellevue 24 Hour Fitness. Who would have thought he?d love the song ?Behind the Cow?? He lit up the room when he walked in and for that, I?m forever grateful. My condolences to all who loved him. "