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7 months ago

Laufersweiler Funeral Home has been the wonderful Funeral Home for most of my family for many, many years. I will just comment on my immediate family, but the sentiment is the same for all other family members that have relied on Laufersweilers. My first experience personally was when my sister's baby died of SIDS suddenly. It was so hard to see such a tiny casket, but Joe made everything so much easier. My mom, Erma Ault, passed away after a horrible death with cancer. We knew it was coming, but it was still very difficult. Joe, Mark, and Luke were so kind and helpful. Then my sister, Gwendy Ault Bradt, died in a horrible house fire. Again, Laufersweilers was there to help us plan everything, as it was so unexpected. Then my brother, Ron Ault, died suddenly of leukemia. I know, once again, Laufersweiler's staff and family helped my sister-in-law and her children plan my brother's funeral. They were very happy, as were we. And in 2018, my dad passed away. Once again, Mark and Luke and the staff, as always, came to our rescue and helped us so much. They are so kind and professional, and personal, which means a LOT at a time when your whole world changes in an instant. I am so glad Laufersweilers have put in the cremation addition. If I could give 10 stars, I certainly would. In my own experiences, and in all of my friends and relatives that have had dealings with Laufersweilers Funeral and Cremation, I have never heard one bad thing said or happen. We are very fortunate to have them as an excellent option in our area. Thank you!

Ms. Kris Durschmidt

7 months ago

I loved being able to share memories and add pleasant comments, on your site, thank you so much to Laufersweller's!! They did a GREAT job on my mom's funeral as well, many thanks!! I would like to say, I tried to add the candles and bouquet icons, and it would not let me add the graphics, I kept clicking, why was this? You only had to "purchase" to order real flowers, not the icons. Was it my computer program or yours that would not let me add the graphics? Try this function by trying to add them to a post and see if it works for you, any feedback so I can readd them to my post on Mary Enos's condolences, would be wonderful!! Blessings to you all!!


7 months ago


Matt Bednar

11 months ago

The Laufersweillers family have been a part of the Bednar family’s funeral arrangements for over 70 years helping us with at least the burials of 14 family members. In the recent death of my dad Luke was very helpful and understanding he did everything to try to make this event has positive as possible. Weltz Laufersweillers was even my dad‘s confirmation sponsor 1941. They did an excellent job with everything from arranging the photos and memorabilia do you helping us with our funeral dinner arrangements and contacting the priests for Sacred Heart in the holy Trinity Parish want to say thanks and I would highly recommend this family for your funeral needs. Matt B

Amanda McMullen

2 years ago

Laufersweilers was so caring, understanding, sympathetic, and treated our lil Chunky 🙊Dani with love and respect. They did a wonderful job on her she looked very natural and beautiful. Never once did they hesitate to contact me if they needed something or to check to make sure what was going on was the way my husband and I wanted for Danielle. Her service was beyond unbelievable they also helped with a mistake at the cemetery and never once complained about all the demands me and my husband wanted. Our family is thankful that we had such awesome people caring for Dani and our family will always be forever grateful and we will continue to use Laufersweilers funeral home for all of our family members final farewell services. Thank you for all your help and support on 4-24-2018 and before 4-19-18/4-24/18 Amanda McMullen and Benjamin McMullen and sisters Makinzie and Ella

Steve OBrien

4 years ago

Great and Respectful People..

Jane Ryan

4 years ago

In 1967 my dad died. He was a friend of Welch Laufersweiler and every thing in dealing with them was very professional. We were all in shock with his death and everyone there was very kind and understanding. Welch sang at my father's funeral and that was a real comfort to my mother. All of my family was very happy with Laufersweiler's. Then in 2009 My mother died. We never thought of going anywhere else. Mother had dealt with Joe Laufersweiler over the years, and when she knew she would be passing soon, she chose all of the arraingements she would have at Laufersweilers. The next generation of owners were there then, and were very kind and understanding with us. Some months later I needed another death certificate and asked them for one. They were very accomondating for anything we needed. They were and are a wonderful funeral home.

Leilani Wildt-Grell

4 years ago

Laufersweiler Funeral home has yet to disappoint. They are the most caring people to work with. They did a wonderful job at my Mother in laws funeral and with my past loved ones. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks to Everyone at Laufersweilers that helped make the loss of a loved one much easier.

Shawn Boeger Law

4 years ago

They're awesome people to deal with, very caring and Mark did a wonderful job in a short notice for my mom.Thanks

Lori Schmidt Arnold

4 years ago

The Arnold family wants to thank Laufersweiler Funeral Home for the kind and compassionate way in which they handled Tom Arnold's funeral. He had it pre-planned and that was such a load off our minds at such a difficult time. I would suggest to anyone that pre-planning your service is the only way to go. We only had to decide on a few items and it went extremely smooth. The whole staff made sure everything was just perfect. We are so proud to have such a professional and beautiful funeral home like Laufersweiler-Sievers Funeral Home in our home town. A HUGE "Thank You" to Joe, Luke, Mark, Shawn, and the whole staff! You all are the best!

James Thomas

4 years ago

Very professional and well laid out. Very accommodating to the family in making sure everything is covered.

Barbara Wood

4 years ago

They are the only place that I will go with my loved one. I remember when my dad died back in 76, I was only six and they were so nice that I can remember it too well and when my mom wanted to do her own arrangements for hers, Joe came out to our house and sat there and listened to want my mom wanted and didn't try to tell her that there was a better one than what she had picked and we have never went anywhere else. My aunt had hers there and my uncles was there. Love it there.

Sharon Dencklau

4 years ago

The day my sweet dad Delph went home to be with the Lord you guys were there. Your caring and kindness got us through that hard time in our lives. He is so truly missed. Thank you for your service to our community, my dad truly respected you at Laufersweiler's. A Happy Fathers Day too you all.

kim a cote

4 years ago

laufersweilers did a good job with my family and that is were I have my service well be at , I believe u should stay with one place , they done me right thank u all at laufersweiers funeral home

Mike Conlon

4 years ago

Luke was very professional, compassionate, and thorough as we prepared for my father's burial service. He covered all of the details so that we, as family members, could focus on our own families as well as remembering our father.

Sandi Andersen

4 years ago

Thank you, Luke, Mark, Joe, and staff for your excellent handling of our mother's funeral. I just want you to know how much I appreciated every detail. Thank you again!

Roger Robeson

4 years ago

I want you and the other staff involved to know that your service was absolutely perfect. The funeral program brochure was perfect with the lake theme and Gert’s picture. The entire family had nothing but positive comments on everything.

Rhonda Nelson

5 years ago

The Laufersweiler family treated our family like their own. They were truly compassionate and caring recently when we lost the patriarch of our family, my dad, William Berning. They went above and beyond for all of us and we thank you.

Chris Hanson

5 years ago

Amazing people there. I've never met such kind and compassionate people. First class all around.

Steve Porter

5 years ago

Very nice facility with wonderful staff. Highly recommended !

Kim Cote

5 years ago

Our family goes to Laufersweilers and Sievers, they do a good job and they are there to ask questions. I trust in them very much. The Cote family.

Tim Smith

5 years ago

Joe, Harlow,Luke are the best! Our family has entrusted my families loved ones into their care and have never been disappointed with the service they provide!!!! Very professional, clean and modern facility. I cannot say enough good things about Laufersweiler-Sievers Funeral Home!!!!!

Mary Jo Schulte

5 years ago

They were superb. They took care of our large rowdy family at the time of my father's death. We are spread out around the country and we were reconnecting with family we hadn't seen in years. It was both a sad time and yet a time for rejoicing that my parents were together again in heaven. Thank you for all you did.

Kellie Royster Hanson

5 years ago

I can not say enough about this family, we lost our 21 year old son, Jordan, on June 13th 2014. They all went over and beyond to make this difficult time for our family go as smoothly as possible. They are so professional and knowledgeable about every aspect ones family goes through, things I would not have even thought about they would guide us through. I appreciated every thing they did for us and in my opinion, they are the best funeral home for any family dealing with a loss.