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Jo Ann Willey

3 years ago

Lon couldn't have been more helpful from start to finish. He did an excellent job of setting up everything. The military display was awesome and my husband Jim would have been very proud.

Christine Olson

10 months ago

My family and I were very pleased with the service we received from Cress surrounding my mother's funeral. They were caring, respectful, and went above and beyond in many unexpected ways. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone making final arrangements for their loved one.

susan v dumbleton

3 years ago

all stars to you....helpful, kind, tolerant, resourceful, tasteful..... but always at just the right distance

Marlene Bierman

3 years ago

You people were very helpful and caring to the family. You provided things that I didn't know about. It was so helpful the steps you provided that I should do after the funeral. Also the grieving pamphlets that you gave to a the family that helped at the time.

Tamara Rosemeyer

Since I did not have the home address of the person I was glad that I was able to contact her this way. I hope she got my message.

Don Staniforth

2 years ago

great attention to detail and just the right amount of communication. 'Many thanks for all you did.


3 years ago

It could not have been better.everything from start to finish.