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Chelsey Richardson

7 hours ago

I am not sure if you're the Jodi I spoke to a couple of times on the phone, but we wanted to reach out and say thank you again for the care after we lost our beloved family member Rex. We picked up his memory box and cremains today, and the clay prints, keepsake fur, extra fur, and ink prints are so incredibly special. I get the feeling that you treated our furry family member with the same amount of dignity and respect as you would a human being, and for that we are incredibly thankful.

Toni Marie Garcia

3 months ago

We had a beloved Emmitt that passed away December 28, 2020. he was loved by family. We didn't know about cremation for our pets untill someone mention Clock Timeless Pets cremation. We will always use the for any pet that we may have. Its was amazing for time and the cremation box with a beloved Emmitt . They helped us during our time in need for our fur-baby .

Sharon Clover

5 months ago

I wanted to write and tell you how pleased i am at the wonderful care you took of my pet and the beautiful things you put inside for me. I really appreciate it!! It is beautiful!! Thank You again -Sharon Clover

Donna and Rich Szczepanski

8 months ago

Today, Rich picked up ashes from our beloved pet Moses. Although he was 13 yrs 8 months, his death was unexpected. Moses had a full day of normal activities when in the evening he suddenly passed away. We were blessed and comforted to be with him when this occurred, therefore hugging him, reassuring him what a good boy he was, and how much we loved him. We are so thankful we found your services on line that evening. You have comforted us by the dignity and thoughtfulness that you provided us when our beloved Moses' ashes, along with the paw print, poem and ornament were picked up today. We felt peace from your personal service and caring ways . The tears still flow but we are comforted by how we know you value the loss of beloved pets, especially ours, at this time of sadness for us. God's Blessing & Gratitude, Donna and Rich Szczepanski

Teresa Setzer

4 years ago

Everyone at Clock was great, especially Jodi when my cat Kirby of 14 years died. The memory box for Kirby was beautiful. Just a great group of people.

Marianne Oresik

5 years ago

Clock Timeless Pets are wonderful and caring. The loss of my Great Pyreenes "Gatsby" was hard and sad but their help and caring made his passing easier. Their services are so compationate. I don't know what I would have done without Jody and her staff. Thank you again and again.

Kate Wilder

6 years ago

Clock Timeless Pets have taken care of four of my pets over the years. Jodi and her team are the best in the industry, by far. I have 16 pets in total in which I have had cremated. I've had a fair amount of experience with pet crematories in other cities and places around the country. I've always been impressed with the professionalism, and care, the Clock's bring during a sad time. From price and personalized care, they're the best.

Theresa Westrick

6 years ago

Diane is an angel brought down to me to help me (with more than just grief but life in general). She took the extra time to sit with me when she brought Jasper's ashes home to me. It was like a strange connection between us on how our paths have crossed so many times. Talk about a higher power and helping me with this terrible grief. She has found her calling!!! I love ya Diane! And we need to get together soon! I am still struggling, but I know it takes time. Thank you Diane for making me feel normal in my grief process!”


7 years ago

One week before Thanksgiving we were given the news our beloved dog Gracie couldn't survive with oxygen. She was a 10 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I knew that we needed to find someplace that would have the compassion to take care of our baby girl. This was the most difficult time for our family. Gracie was our sweet girl. Timeless Pets was just as described on their website. It was very bad weather and Diane (Timeless Pets) drove all the way to Grand Rapids to meet us at the Animal Hospital to take Gracie and have her cremated. Not only was Diane there to pick her up, but Diane also listened to us about how much we loved Gracie and how special she was to us. About a week later Diane came to our house to bring Gracie home. I will never forget what Clock Timeless Pets have done for us. Your compassion and understanding of losing a pet is beyond any thing that I could have imagined. Thank you Clock Timeless Pets and thank you Diane.

Ed Perri

7 years ago

My cat Morris, became really sick around 11:15 P.M. Weds. July 16, 2014. He died about 15 minutes later. I called Clock Timeless Pets. Diane Ross helped me get through a very emotional time. I brought Morris to Clock Timeless Pets the next morning and Diane was at the door to greet us. She took the time to here me tell my stories about Morris and did not rush me. I love the PET-BITUARIES.Thank you,Diane for helping me during one of the most saddest times of my life. I would recommend Diane and Clock in your time of need with your pets!

Alecia Seguin

8 years ago

I called Timeless Pets the day after my bird had passed. I talked to Diane and she was very helpful and comforting. When I first met her I went to shake her hand and she let me know they hugged instead. Which was exactly what I needed. She was very patient with me and informed me of the whole process. Going through this grieving experience has been very difficult and she made it easier for me and didn't judge me. Thank you so much.

Linda Seastrom

8 years ago

Three weeks ago we lost our beloved Frank (10 year old boxer). We turned to Clock Timeless for his final care. The entire process was held with dignity and the ladies recognized how important Frank was to our entire family. We highly recommend calling Clock if you are in need of services.

Debbie & Steve Schrepper

8 years ago

Thank you so much Diane and Clock Timeless Pets for the compassion and support provided to us during a very difficult time. We are so thankful that you were there to help us. The services that you offer are truly remarkable and we are forever grateful. Our sweet baby girl, Anna deserved the best and that is exactly what you provided.

Joan Osterberg

8 years ago

Losing our beloved cat; Gurl was one of the hardest things I've had to go through. She was part of our family for over 15yrs, after her passing we didn't just want to drop her off at the vet to have her cremated with other peoples pets or bury her in the back yard, we wanted a peaceful cremation and closure like you would any other loved one. Clock Timeless Pets was perfect. They made the loss of our little Gurl easy with their special care and compassion. We chose to bring her to the funeral home, but they will also pick up your pet at home or vet office. I highly recommend CTP when that sad time comes and am so grateful muskegon has such compassionate people thinking of our pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Thank you Clock Timeless Pets.


8 years ago

Clock was there when we needed them after an heartbreaking and unexpected loss of our yellow lab, Max. We called around to several other companies. None of them offered what Clocks did. Not only did they offer a lot more, they treated Max as if he were their own pet. This was one of the hardest losses I've ever experienced but they treated him with so much dignity and respect that it helped make the process a lot easier. I haven't been able to stop talking about Clock Timeless Pet because of how impressed and touched I was with the whole thing. I cannot thank them enough for all the time and effort they put into our grieving family! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Michelle Dixon

8 years ago

This experience with Clock Timeless Pets was beyond compare. Having recently lost our family member Maggie, I was so impressed with the care, compassion and respect that Diane showed to her and our grieving family. She sat patiently at the vets office and waited for us to finish our goodbyes and personally wrapped Maggie in a blanket and transported her to the crematory herself. Our previous experience with a "service" 10 years ago resulted with our dog being put on a truck and hauled away in a "group" of animals and us not knowing who was taking care of her remains or where she was being taken (not good). Clock is so different! Our pets remains were personally delivered after cremation with her fur clipping, paw print and an online obituary on Facebook with her photo. I couldn't believe the attention to detail and the amount of love these people show to animals and their grieving families. Forever grateful!