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Shari Jordan

9 months ago

Alice Iversen

10 months ago

Clock funeral home has very helpful to me during Jerry's passing. Thank you. Alice Iversen

September Evert

2 years ago

Dale and Jody made the process very easy for my family. I hadn’t expected the “help” e-mails after the service with all the information. It was very helpful.

Mark R Baker

2 years ago

Our family has used Clock's services for several generations. Dale and staff are continuing the quality of service and classic discretion that the industry was built upon. We felt cared for and the services were first class.

Debra Kemp Freemon

2 years ago

Your service was very thorough and much appreciated. You cared and provided services and information that one losing a loved one needs. Thank you again.

David Bruce Penno

2 years ago

Your guidance and service were professional and a comfort to the Penno family. When can I expect that the grave marker will be in place?

Tami Norton

2 years ago

I can not say enough about the services we recieved. Everyone was so wonderful, kind, compassionate, spent a great deal of time with us. I loved the emails post funeral they were so helpful and uplifting.

Denise Wiswell

3 years ago

Having been in the business our family has high expectations for funeral services. Don was great to work with and did a wonderful job. Lisa was so very helpful with pictures, getting things corrected when there was an error, and was great at helping us after the services in our follow up meeting. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Clock's.

Rondi Fry

3 years ago

My father's passing, though expected, was distressing. Clock's sensitive staff helped my sister and I to make the necessary decisions, and we were very pleased with their guidance through the process.

Sydney Chaney

3 years ago

Everything was absolutely wonderful. We were well taken care of, provided exactly what we wanted for my mother's visitation and service, and you guys were beyond accommodating with how hard it all was. It truly made this event easier with your help and guidance through what to do, what to expect, and all of the options--being sure we got exactly what we wanted for my mom and for the set up of the whole arrangement. My only suggestion would be having something like bottled water available to guests and family during the visitation. (Even those mini ones would be great.) Thanks for everything that you guys did, it truly made the best out of a terrible situation.

Sally Olsen

3 years ago

The staff at clocks was extremely helpful and caring with our family. It was nice that Dale Clock knew our dad and what he wanted and helped us follow my dad's plan.

Gregory Westra

3 years ago

Provided just the right amount of attention we needed. We never felt pressured to purchase more than what was needed with regard to arraignments and such. Staff was friendly and we will no doubt be doing more business with Clock in the future.

jodi dibble

3 years ago

I have used Clock for both of my parents. They are professional and caring. They go the extra mile. People who had never used them were amazed at the services provided for the a realistic price. I went to a funeral a few weeks later that was not Clock. They paid a lot more and got a lot less.

Diane Fessenden

3 years ago

I was totally satisfied with your service. I was told to prepare for services within days back in November by Harbor Hospice and came in to talk to Dale. He made me feel as good as could be expected. My husband Gordon (Mike) did better than expected and lived until June 21st. All we had talked about was in place when the time came. Probably like most, I don't remember much at the time but it all came together when needed. I really like the way we were able to conduct the service according to his wishes and many people told me so later. The new funeral place out by the mall is popular but I wanted a place that was traditional and has been around for a long time. I think being able to have the luncheon right on site is one of the best things offered. You can lose so many people between places and this made it a whole event. I highly recommend Clock's to anyone. Just one thing, call me old fashioned but I don't recall seeing Dale there at the time of the funeral. I just pictured there would be men in suits.:) Call it official or closure, I'm not sure.

Gilian Bond

3 years ago

We received excellent care from Clock's Funeral Home, from pre-planning through offers of grief counseling. Dale especially was helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and easy to work with at such a difficult time. Thank you, Clocks, for making this experience as smooth as we could hope for.

Meredith J Bond

3 years ago

Our family had a wonderful experience with Clock's. Staff were attentive and helpful. Advice on and assistance with Memorial Service and all aspects of visitation, luncheon, flowers, pictures, materials to be displayed was helpful and accurate. The pictorials, display of memorial items, and video exceeded expectations! The facilities were very nice, clean and appropriately respectful. The luncheon was excellent, good food, very nicely served and generous. Everything was done in a timely fashion with the least amount of work placed on the family. This helped reduce stress at an already difficult time. We had a good experience 6 years ago when our Mom passed away and this time an even better experience.

Kimberly J Huey

4 years ago

I was beyond pleased with the service we received and with the truly compassionate staff. From the very first moment, they took care of every detail and thought of everything. They helped us to create a very personalized service for my son allowing his life story to be shared so beautifully with his friends and family that day. I am very grateful to you all!

John McKinley

4 years ago

Thank you Clocks and staff. All of you were very helpful and very professional and very friendly. My Mother's service was perfect.

Doug Aardema

4 years ago

We were very pleased with every aspect of your involvement. We would like to thank you for your kind and caring work and attitude from beginning to end.

Julie Dratz

4 years ago

Very professional, caring service in every aspect. Clock Funeral Home is the best!

James Orkis

4 years ago

Excellent, Family was very happy .

Leesha Elka

5 years ago

I would like to thank the staff at clock funeral home. At a very difficult time for our family, they were very attentive to our needs. They clearly went beyond the call of the job. Thank you so much.