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Beverly Raymond

5 years ago

I am Linda's mom and I am very pleased with the way you helped our daughter through this very difficult time.

Julie Brown

5 years ago

Cascade Memorial was absolutely wonderful to work with. They were so patient, explained everything in detail and when I needed a moment to gather myself they gave me time. They are compassionate and easy to work with. When I needed assistance with my husbands obituary very late at night, they were there to help me right at that moment. They helped me take care of an uncomfortable situation right then and there which I was not expecting to be taken care of until the next day. They are great people to work with and definitely has the family at heart. They make you feel like they have known you for years. Thank you Cascade Memorial for making this tradegy a little easier to deal with.

David Swinyer

6 years ago

your staff was grate

Beverly York

7 years ago

I highly recommend you. You are very caring and considerate of the feelings of those around you, and professional as well! Thank you so much for your kindness, and care of our loved one.

Steve Davis D

7 years ago

My wife and best friend for just over the past 32 years and the mother of our three wonderful children passed on this past Sunday, Janurary 22nd. I was kind of at a loss as to what to do or who to go to for the final services that my wife wanted. After lookng and talking to several various funeral service providers I was fortunate to talk to the fine people at Cascade Memorial. They showed exceptional concern and care to be able to offer solutions to our needs and wishes. The staff person that I dealt with, Nikki Scroggins, was very professional while at the same time making me and my family feel like we had absolutely found the right place to handle our particular needs and wishes. I would recommend Cascade Memorial to anyone that has need for the kind of services offered by cascade Memorial. I felt that they really cared about providing me and my family with exactly the services we were looking for and I can't say thank you enough. Sincerely: Steve Davis and family.

Kim Page

7 years ago

Your service EXCEEDS EXCELLENCE, from the first phone call, to taking care of the family. In a situation like this, you made everything so easy and painless. THANK YOU to CASCADE MEMORIAL, for making Davaray Hicks transition perfect.

KD Leach

7 years ago

I was in such shock when my husband died suddenly, that I hardly knew what to do. The Chaplain recommended Cascade Memorial as a considerate place for my husband's cremation. They were very professional, calm, courteous, and were diligent in accomplishing the paperwork needed in a concise, accurate manner, all in a very compassionate atmosphere. "Madison", our funeral director was so wonderful, caring, and walked me through the details, step by step, never losing patience with me when I had to ask her to repeat some information. Highly recommend this business for a loved one's final disposition.

Dale Sugg

7 years ago

Everything went well as planned. The gentleman that worked with us was very helpful and understanding.

Monique Neugebauer

7 years ago

My brother and sister live up in Washington and so took care of the cremation arrangements. I am so happy that we had Dad's ashes back in time for the memorial service. The next day we dispersed both Mom and Dad's ashes off of the Ferry on Puget Sound. I am grateful that when I reached out to Cascade Memorial to submit Dad's obituary, that Eric was very kind with his time, and posted what was submitted. I love the photo he choose to display from the three that were submitted.Thank you!

Don Quirk

7 years ago

A long distance problem with the passing of my sister. Absolutely great! Madison was spectacular, arrangements were very smooth. These are the folks you want to help you! They have experience and knowledge that relieves the stress, careful thought process and understanding of your particular situation. Thanks again!

Linda Starfire

7 years ago

You did a beautiful job in telling the life's story of Mr. Bean. It was a joy to read.

Sara Godinez

7 years ago

My husband Alex passed away at UWMC on 8.18.2016 and while we'd discussed his last wishes, I literally had no idea where to go for his cremation. I looked online and found Cascade Memorial, which came with glowing reviews, and for good reason! They worked with me to get the paperwork done, get payment done, got all the information I'd need to assist with the death certificate - everything. Absolutely everything was taken care of with care and kindness, which in my sleep deprived and extremely devastated state was exactly what I needed. My husband's ashes were ready on time and they maintained contact with me to ensure I was aware of how the process would go. I was given options and spoken to with dignity. My husband was cared for with dignity. For this, I will be eternally grateful. If you are looking for a company with integrity, generosity, and transparency...this is your place. Thank you, Cascade! And Madison in particular!

Michelle Michalak

8 years ago

I would like to thank Nikki and all the staff at Cascade. You and your company handled all the details for my mother in a very timely & professional manner. I started this process early, as her health was declining. Nikki helped me with all the paperwork, even though I was in NC, that wasn't a problem at all. I did look into a couple of other places and was shocked at the lack of service and information. All the paperwork was settled months ago and when it was time, Cascade did not disappoint. Just a few more items and it was complete. Thank you Cascade. So glad you are here to help so many.

Kim P.

8 years ago

Cascade Memorial have the most caring sincere staff. When my dad passed in 2012 we called the Bellevue office. Completed everything online and they handled everything. Our mom just passed away the end of June and there was no doubt we were calling Cascade Memorial. It was even better as they opened a new office in Federal Way just down the road. Nikki was fantastic. Her calm caring demeanor, help and support made everything go soo smooth. With Nikki's it made it easier during a hard emotional time, I will refer everyone I know. Thank you for everything Nikki.

Deone Perlatti

8 years ago

All of the professionals that I encountered during my experience were outstanding! Their compassion and caring staff made what was a difficult first time experience as seamless as could be expected under the circumstances. While they gave guidance and direction I felt no pressure to go any direction that was not right for our situation. They were an absolute pleasure to work with.

Nancy Foon

9 years ago

My sister had signed on with another company, and I was fine with that, until she passed away much sooner than expected. My family and I were at the hospital at the time of her passing, and I thought I was somewhat organized, but when I began the process of all the things you "Really don't want to do", I called that company she had chosen, and I right off the bat was disappointed. I can't stress enough how important that call is, I wanted to just crawl under a rock n cry, but I didn't have that luxury, and my whole family was counting on me as well as the hospital. I had obligations, I made promises, I bucked up and left my sister and family to go down the hall and make the "phone call" to have my sister transferred to the facility she had chosen and have her cremated. One of the hardest calls I've ever had to make. I made that call n I was so upset, seconds after I had someone on the line. They treated me like I was ordering a pizza, not transportation for a loved one that has just passed. I was NOT going with that company, I was truly uncomfortable not going with my sister's wishes, but I was much more uncomfortable with the idea of actually settling for them, my sister deserved better. I gladly hung up and began to surf for another company, knowing full well my family decided to stay with my sister up until the last minute, for me I was just stressed out and in full grief mode. I found Cascade Memorial, and for me, it was all about the call, I NEEDED SOMEONE TO CARE !!. I NEEDED IT, and I wasn't going to settle for less. I spoke with Sarah with Cascade Memorial, n she was the first n only one I spoke to that night that I felt cared about my situation. I knew within seconds of speaking with her that I had made the right decision. I can't stress enough how important that 1st call is answered, for me, it was all the difference in the world, n everything I really needed at that time. I don't know Sarah, but what she does...every day...well, it takes a certain KIND of person, n for me, was everything that evening. Thank You Sarah, I'm sure your family is very proud of you. U made a difference for my family, and I appreciate YOU !!! I want everyone to know that this is from my heart, and I needed to tell it like it really was. ♡♡♡♡♡♡


9 years ago

All parties more than put up with my morbid, off, sense of humor. JD makes me funny :p I'm beyond pleased with how smooth the whole process went, and the personal connection that the staff, involved, strived for. with great appreciation, . Anthony Pina

Jordan McKenna

9 years ago

To be frank, when we chose you, we did very little research outside of cost and location. You were so close by and very reasonable. And we were so fortunate! I couldn't believe how easy Nikki made it for me at a very difficult time. We had to coordinate some signatures with a brother across the country and Nikki facilitated that for me. She kept me apprised all along the way, always available to answer a question or two. I can't say enough good and will be sure to recommend Cascade when given the opportunity. Thank you!

Richard Rosenkranz

9 years ago

I (we) are very happy with the service/attention we received. I have never lost a wife before and you all made the process of all we had to do clear and easy. I first heard of Cascade Memorial through a talk by Sarah Geiger. Her clear answers to questions there and followup I have had since are special to me. .

Bridget F

9 years ago

Every single phone contact with Cascade was fantastic. I was choosing between two places offering cremation services in Seattle, from Los Angeles. The other place, the guy was gruff and seemed distracted. At Cascade, the lovely Nikki answered the phone. She has the most impeccable, loving, calm manor -- exactly what you need at a time like this. Every time I spoke to her -- or to another lovely gentleman there -- I felt like 1) I had 100% of their attention and 2) I was being hugged from afar. They thought of everything, explained everything very clearly, and swiftly allayed each and every concern. A truly lovely experience. Thank you, Cascade, for making a difficult time as stress-free and calm as possible.

Heidi Greider

9 years ago

I first heard about Cascade Memorial when my mom passed away December of 2012. They came highly recommended and I was not disappointed with how professionally they handled my questions and the cremation. When Dad and I came to pick up her ...MoreI first heard about Cascade Memorial when my mom passed away December of 2012. They came highly recommended and I was not disappointed with how professionally they handled my questions and the cremation. When Dad and I came to pick up her remains, they were so kind. Dad passed away November of 2013 and so I naturally contacted Cascade Memorial. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

William Shafer

9 years ago

Cascade Memorial bent over backwards to help us many times over. I have never experienced such wonderful customer service. I would recommend them to everyone!