by The Kelly Family
It was very difficult and emotional dealing with the sudden death of our husband/father. Horizon was extremely helpful from the first phone call through all of the services. Diana and the rest of the staff made this very emotional process as smooth as it could be. The overall experience with Horizon was excellent.
by Christine Chacon
My mother passed away on St. Patricks day and I had just been to a service the day before at Horizon for another friend. I already felt comfortable that they would take good care of my mother but it went beyond my expectations. They were comforting and informative, they made a difficult time much easier for my family and myself. I appeciate the way they made sure I got everything that was needed. No one can ever be prepared for death but Fred and his staff made it much more bearable. Thank you very much!
by Ellen Hilburn
I just left a review but failed to say two things. First, the presentation and rooms at Horizon are beautiful AND, along with Fred Whitely and Fran Case who are incredible and spoke of in my review, I would be remiss not to fully thank Sharon Ricciardi for her attention to detail and always rapid response. She is amazing! Thank you for helping me amend my online obituary, my sister's, etc.!!!
by Kim Calderwood
Thank you to the staff at Horizon for putting me at ease during such a difficult time. Everyone was so accommodating, kind and understanding. True professionals. I highly recommend Horizon!
by Karen D.
I just wanted to thank you all for making a very unpleasant event pleasant. I told Sharon on the phone, this was the first time I ever had to make funeral arrangements. From Fred helping us plan the service and signing (memory cards, scripture, urn, etc.), Diana coming to the house to get my Dad, to payment with Sharon and Kelly overseeing the service on Sunday, it was such a wonderful experience. Not to mention the beautiful job you did on the obituary and memory cards. You are all so very soft spoken, it's like talking to angels. Thank you again for all of your hard work and very personal yet professional personalities. My family and I are so grateful for each of you.
by Pat battipaglia
Horizon is the best in town they handled everything. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much for your great service
by Stacey Rogers
I am very grateful and thankful for Horizon Funeral for taking great care of my mother and also us ( her family). I would definitely recommend Horizon Funeral to everyone.
Thanks again to you all at Horizon Funeral.
by Kim Van Hassel
During some of the most difficult times in my life horizon was a big help. I lost both my parents within weeks and they managed the postponement of my fathers death until we could figure out what was happening to my mom. They were very understanding regarding this with no problem. Thank God for them, I could have never done this without them and my husband. I recommend them. Kim
by Family of Joseph Schmelz
We are very appreciative of the professionalism, thoroughness and compassion that Horizon showed our family. They were always there when we had a question and we are very impressed that they were able to pull together all the details during a holiday weekend. I would highly recommend Horizon Funeral & Cremation Services.
by Joanne C.
The service here is excellent. The staff is outstanding. Pricing was good. During this awful time, they truly made the process smooth and easy from beginning to end. I am so grateful to them for all they have done. I would definitely recommend Horizon Funeral Services for all those in need.
by Lou B.
Affordable with great service. The Ocean/Seashore room was perfect for the memorial services. Would highly recommend using them.
by Joseph Kosanke
Thank you for all you have done .Having Horizon take care of all our needs during this time was a great relief to my family. Professionalism at BEST!!! Many thanks to all Horizon. Joseph Kosanke
by Lisa krajewski
Horizon Funeral Services provided the best and most caring service we could ever have expected. Fred Whiteley was so helpful and knowledgeable. Even at 1:00am he was comforting and committed to making our situation as easy as possible. Many thanks to Fred and Sharon for making my mothers last wishes possible.
by Lorraine Ilardo
In my time of grief, the service and compassion shown by the entire staff was heartwarming. My husband looked beautiful. Every facet of the service was perfect and just as requested, from music to videos and special needs. Everyone remarked about how beautiful and clean the funeral home was. What they did not know is how reasonable the entire service was compared to their costs for the same services. I highly recommend Horizon Funeral & Cremation.
by MaryAnn Kalucki

Thank You so Much! Your thoughtfulness and caring is truly appreciated. You and Horizon are a great credit to the funeral service.

MaryAnn & Andrew Kalucki
by Patricia Conforti
Very kind compassionate and professional service. Fran and Sharon made my preparations. They were excellent and made my experience bearable.
by Theresa Macari
Excellent and professional staff and service! Did a preplan with Director Fred Whiteley in March 2016. He worked with me via email before we actually met in person to sign the preplan. The quote we received was $4000 less than a quote I received from the funeral home where my Father was laid out. On July 6, 2016 my mom passed away. I called Fred on his cell phone at 1:00 am and he said a transfer team would be there in about an hour & a half. When Ben and his assistant arrived they assured me that if I needed more time with my mom they would wait. They also took a bag of pics and other items I put together for the funeral home. This saved me an hour and a half trip to Horizon the next day.

My sister lives close to Horizon so she dropped off the dress and other items for the showing. When we arrived on Friday morning we were met with Fred and Maryann. My mom looked beautiful, like she was sleeping in peace. Fred did a great job with her hair and makeup. The room was filled with the pictures and items we had
sent. The facility has a bright, airy, clean feel to it and it decorated beautifully!

Sharon and the office staff were very friendly and helpful. Everything worked out smoothly and my family and friends commented on what a lovely experience it was. Thank you Fred and staff at Horizon. We highly recommend you and your services!

God bless you.
Theresa Malfa Macari & Family
by Sheryl Daldos
Sharon and Fred did an excellent job with providing services during the most difficult time. They were very kind and professional throughout the entire time, from scheduling the date (during a storm), handling cremation, to selecting the urn to arranging for a deacon, ordering flowers and beyond. No detail was too small. Even when we changed our minds about certain things, they were nothing short of extremely patient. We felt we were in good hands. I highly recommend Horizon and their staff to help you in your time of need.
by Al Wittik
Very accommodating and courteous staff..
Very responsive to the needs of our family.
by Joe Acquisto
Firstly, the staff is amazing, so kind, so helpful, so understanding, beyond what I would have expected .My daughter lost her life in a tragic accident and they were there to provide a service, but beyond that they provided a comforting hand and a kindness I never expected. I want to thank Fred, Kelly, and the rest of the staff, you treated me with the utmost respect and heartfelt sorrow. Once again I thank you so so much .
Joe A.
by James and Terri Biringer
Thank you so much for your outstanding service in our difficult time.
by Stacey Rogers
I am very grateful and thankful for all Horizon Funeral did for my mother and that they were there for us ( her family) also. I would definitely recommend Horizon Funeral to everyone.
Thanks again to you all at Horizon Funeral.
by Tracy Lagary
Thank you Fred, Sharon & Diana for your compassiion, care and guidance during this most difficult time. Although losing a loved one is painful and heartbreaking, you made it a little bit easier on us and for that we sincerely thank you.
The Lagary & Stasiuk Families
by June Fisher
Extremely happy with the wonderful care and service that Horizon employees gave in my difficult time of losing my husband. Would recommend Horizon to all my friends.
by Ellen Hilburn
Wow! Horizon is amazing! The staff is not only caring but thorough, generous and fully accommodating. From the first time I called and spoke with Fred Whitely until the memorial yesterday I, and my family, was impressed every step of the way. I live in Georgetown (Washington, DC) and though I came to town for the initial funeral arrangements, all subsequent business with Horizon was done via phone or email. Fred Whitely Fran Case and the entire staff of Horizon have been receptive and responsive since the original planning start. There could be no way to have made my aunt's memorial any better than they made it. It was stunningly perfect. I thought I had thought of everything, but Horizon has the ability to make a memorial perfect beyond words. My family and the guests repeatedly said what an amazing day it was. Truly, Horizon's staff left no stone unturned. I feel so indebted to this place that I would be happy to share my experience with anyone in the situation I was in. I give Horizon permission to furnish my email to anyone who has further questions. on having to find the perfect funeral home to say goodbye to a loved one. Horizon is the best. It would be impossible to be better. A million thank yous from the entire family of Joan Smyth!!!!