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Lisa Sineath

3 years ago

I can't give enough credit to Bliley's. They have been so helpful and so caring about what has happened. I went to take care of pre-funeral arrangements with James, and the experience was not like any other facility I had been in. He took his time and did not rush me out the door, I had questions later after I left and he took the time then also help me. My mom had passed away a couple days later and I then met with Eric to finalize the arrangements he understood everything that I had been thru. He also treated me very kind and like a family member. Both James and Eric called to check on me several times and see if I need anything or had any questions....Josh helped during the service and it was great to have him by my side with anything that should come up and I need help with. My moms driver (I think his name was Pete) stayed with me til the end of burial...it was a very hot day and he offered us water and Gatorade. All the staff at Bliley's staff have been awesome. I would recommend them to anyone. I give them 10 stars!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who has been by my side thru this very difficult time.

Jenni Treadwell

4 years ago

The cremation experience was lovely. The facility is so warm and inviting. My mom looked great and we had time to give her our final good-byes. The gentlemen were so wonderful. My mom was so focused on dying with dignity - Bliley's really came through on that. I particularly enjoyed being able to stay during the cremation and to leave with her ashes. I'm so impressed, I'll be prearranging for myself, as well.

Diane Powers

4 years ago

Our family has been using Bliley's since the 1960's. They treat us like family. They made phone calls to us checking on us a few days after the funeral---They are the BEST!!!

William Crawford

4 years ago

Bliley is an institution with a well-deserved reputation for the finest in funeral care. They lived up to that reputation during our need. We are very grateful for the care and attention we received during this sad time. They took care of everything so we could focus on family and friends.

Dennis Salapack

8 months ago

I am a dentist in North Canton,Ohio,graduate of Ohio State dental school,1974. My entire life I have revered the " greatest generation", my dad and uncles and aunts who fought WW2. I had the privilege of meeting Connel when I did some dental implants for him. What a friendship ensued. We started to meet for breakfast on a regular basis, where he regaled me with the stories of his life. On the Mississippi river,at Iwo Jima, at the battle of Okinowa,and later in Shanghai,China. Then he told me of his peace time journey through undergrad and ultimately dental school. He built an orthodontic practice that was probably the only global one in history, in Saudi Arabia,Pakistan,and Hong Kong. He motorcycle -toured Europe, Russia, and China. He does the Trans Siberian railway from Vladivostok to Moscow.He lived from the West coast to Ohio. He sojurned in England. Once he was home-bound by his health and I brought breakfast several times to his house. I sought out his spiritual side. We both wept contemplating his future reunion with his beloved Della years before he passed.He loved Priscilla so deeply that I can't describe. He was a stalwart conservative politically and an unrepentant patriot. He is the most unforgettable man that I have ever met and I will honor him till the day I die.He was the epitome of the GREATEST GENERATION,we will not see the like of him and his crewmates ever again. I kept urging him to write a record of his unbelievable life, which he finally did, you need to read it. But better still are the secret chapters he related to me over those many breakfasts. I wanted to come see him in Virginia near the end, but he didn't want me to see him that way. I honored his wishes, but there is a good in my heart because I didn't disobey him and see him one last time. Now all my veteran uncles,patients, and Connell of WW2 are gone. But they live in my memory,as long as I live their candle burns in my heart. I will never meet someone the equal of him.....what a life....what a legacy....what a man.

Shareen Young-chavez

8 months ago

My husband and I were faced with the sudden and unexpected death of his twin brother. Being relatively young we had not dealt with the complexities involved with funeral services and the additional strain of a different country. Mr. Colin Cluff worked closely with us and listened to our concerns. He was amenable to services we wanted and even allowed my husband to be an integral part of the cremation. Bliley’s is the best and they give their best 100%.