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6 years ago

Our family will always be grateful to your family for the many kind things you did during dad's illness and passing.  You were more than professional - you were truly compassionate and caring.  He would have been proud and pleased.

S. T.

3 years ago

Will went above and beyond his necessary service.

J. O.

7 years ago

Dear William & Hansen Spear - Thank you so much for starting the "GIVE BACK" community initiative.  We are grateful to receive the recognition and monetary award associated there-with.

Dawn McDougal

3 months ago

I highly recommend Hansen- Spear for all of your final expectations for your loved ones. Very warm, caring while being efficient and professorial at the same time. During a loss the family is an emotional wreck, and need people who know what their doing, in caring and patient manner, and Hansen Spear delivered on all accounts. The process was seamless and that is exactly what we needed were professionals, for we didn't live in Quincy, nor our deceased family member. We relied solely on Hansen- Spear expertise via phone calls. We appreciate you, and highly recommend you for any families final planning needs.

S. S.

4 years ago

Words can't express how grateful we are for all you and your staff have done for us at this difficult time.  You'are like a well oiled machine with every part working to perfection.  The service was great and the Facebook was awesome!

K. B.

5 years ago

We served champagne at the visitation and the staff was beyond great with this request! Thanks everyone!!!

M. R.

7 years ago

I appreciate reading all you have written on your funeral home's website as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death with my mother, and with my father who is walking with her too.

Lee Stover

7 months ago

Easy to give testimonials and comments on your webb site ... You do a professional and sincere and make it such a comfort to the families of loved one

Kathryn & Merle Ferguson

8 months ago

Having lived in Quincy for 36 years we know you well and always appreciated the excellent care you always gave.

L. A.

7 years ago

Our mothers memorial service and burial were beautifully handled. Our family is very grateful to Brian for his professionalism and helpfulness.

J. R.

5 years ago

I am always impressed by how you conduct a funeral so professionally, yet also so personally.  We all appreciate the very good planning and organization.  Thank you so much.

N. & J.A.

8 years ago

I felt we were able to really celebrate her life so nicely with all your help.

K. T.

2 years ago

I felt relived from any stress related to the presentation of the room and my father. Hansen-Spear presented everything (flowers, pictures, awards, etc.) with excellent taste...They were amazing.

N. F.

6 years ago

Thank You for helping us to provide a beautiful service and celebration to honor our father.

G. M.

5 years ago

This was our first direct experience with a funeral home/director.  While I must admit it was not an easy time, it was made much easier by the patience and understanding of the people we worked with at Hansen-Spear.  We would recommend their services to anyone.


6 years ago

Everyone felt you did a wonderful job in everything you did to make my husband look natural and were wonderful to our family.


8 years ago

We had never planned a funeral before. The Spears and their staff made it completely comfortable and quite easy for our family to arrange a funeral to honor my husband. I and my family could not have made I through this time without them. I will recommend them to everyone.


6 years ago

Thank you for the great care you provided our family after my brother passed.  God bless you as you serve and minister to the Quincy-area families.

Nancy Player

6 months ago

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our memories with the family who will have a lasting tribute from those of us touched by the life of their loved one.

S. S.

3 years ago

I have never had to make funeral arrangements before, they helped us with kindness, professionalism and dignity.

N. S.

7 years ago

The simplicity and lack of pressure.

M. & A.

6 years ago

You have seen us at our worst.  Words cannot describe how grateful we are to you for everything you've done for us and our beautiful children who've passed.  From the bottom of our hearts - Thank You.


8 years ago

We're a 3rd generation to have used Hansen-Spear Funeral Home. The staff has always been caring professional, yet very family oriented. All details tended to and even beyond for last minute needs. Their website was also up to date and user friendly with online obituaries. Communication skills were exemplary (hard to come by these days).

J. C.

3 years ago

My father was a huge St. Louis Cardinal's fan.  They helped with everything to make it a St. Louis Cardinal's funeral.


8 years ago

I hope I do not have to meet with you again for many years, but when the time comes and the good Lord takes my father-in-law home with my mother-in-law, my wife and I will be knocking on your door again for your awesome service so professionally and personally done with excellence!