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Julia Garcia

4 months ago

They were very attentive to our needs, very supportive. We also really liked the services.

Maria Rodriguez

4 months ago

Yes, it was a very good service, excellent!!

Laurel Werner

4 months ago

Lynette impressed me. She was super friendly, compassionate and cared. She prepared mom's body and she looked wonderful! She did a fantastic job all around. They did a good job keeping everyone distanced and safe with the virus.

Bill Stone

4 months ago

Lynette did a great job--just an outstanding job! I'm glad I made the choice to go with Harrell Funeral Home which has a great reputation in the community. I like using a local company. Sunny who picked up my wife was very respectful and did a good job. Also, the Aftercare service covers everything! I appreciate the opportunity go to through the checklist and Kathy did a great job!

Danny Teran

4 months ago

Thank you. Aftercare was great because it made it a lot easier for my mother-in-law to get what she needed done.

Dean Maddalena

4 months ago

Everything was great! I appreciate all the help and the Aftercare service! Especially the help contacting Social Security and Texas Teacher Retirement. Thanks for all your help!

Janie Orosco

4 months ago

We were really, really happy! Even our friends that usually use a different funeral home were impressed with the services. Harrell is friendly, polite, and caring. We did it the way that Alfred would have wanted it. Y'all did a great job!

Eleni Kapasaki

4 months ago

Everybody did a great job! Mr. Wade Lind was professional, caring, and respectful. He made it a pleasant experience. It went as smooth as possible.

Deborah Barrera

4 months ago

Andrew was so sweet! He did a great job. Everything was fantastic! They know exactly what they are doing, and they know how to get it done! Thank you so much for the Aftercare service. You are doing a lot of things for me and I appreciate the follow-up.

John Sallas

4 months ago

We used Harrell about a year ago when my son passed away. It was a great experience so we went with them again. Doug has been very helpful!

Denise Pfluger

4 months ago

Everything with Harrell was remarkably easy. Ralph had a pre-need plan. Everything was very nice, very easy. and went very smoothly.

Theresa Aradi

4 months ago

All those I came in contact with at Harrell have done a great job! This has been a stressful time for me, and the services provided have made it so easy. My brother was appreciative of the keepsake urn. We appreciate that now both parents ashes are together. Everyone has been lovely when we were contacted! The Aftercare service has been so helpful! I didn't know that mother was due the May Social Security benefit. I appreciate calling them together to get that sorted out. There were items on the checklist that I hadn't thought of that needed attention. This Aftercare service is a great benefit to families! I so appreciate the time and help given.

Family Member

4 months ago

I planned the funeral a few months ago, and I'm sure glad I did! Things have gone so smoothly--it's been so great! The whole process was amazing! In regards to Aftercare- they have done such a good job! I had no idea that they would be doing all this with me and making notifications to the VA, pensions, and investments. I'm so thankful for all you've done! It's been so nice to have someone to go through this process with me. I really appreciate your help!

Gilbert Castillo

4 months ago

Harrell Funeral Home was amazing! We were very happy with the services. We had everything we needed and then some.


4 months ago

I lost my mother-in-law not long ago and we went with a different funeral home. Our experience with Harrell has been so much better! They have gone above and beyond to help my family. Lynette was so sweet and so wonderful! My mom and I appreciate their help and kindness more than they will ever know.

Carol Roberts

4 months ago

It's been great! They were really helpful. We appreciate Lynnette taking pictures of the casket with the flag. She has been helpful with everything.

Tim Cropley

4 months ago

Honestly it was all pretty seamless. Our experience with Harrell, from the first day, with my dad coming and setting up his services and getting it all paid for was handled really well. My father enjoyed the process. The gentleman that came to pick up my father's body after he passed away, did a really really good job.

Sandra Freitag-McCarstle

4 months ago Kyle

My experience was positive. The obituary was easy to find and leaving A special message was easy thank you.

Vickie Warner

4 months ago

I found your website to be informative, sensitive , with lovely graphics and easy for me to navigate. Thank you.


4 months ago

Thank you for having an online guest book.

Mary Davis

4 months ago Austin

Harrell’s south had very warm and accommodating staff. We couldn’t have been more pleased!Thank you!!

suzana m diaz

5 months ago

5 stars and with much gratitude


5 months ago

Very helpful, user friendly and respectful of families .

Linda Mongeon

5 months ago

Andrew was wonderful! He was so nice! His heart is full of love for those in the military. He is such a nice man. I couldn't have asked for a nicer person! He is great and did everything very fast! I appreciate all the Aftercare service help with this! You have helped me so much! Thank you so much!

Bryan Weigelt

5 months ago

Jason did a fabulous job especially considering COVID-19! He came to our home prior to my father's passing, so we could discuss things and make decisions with him. That was really nice. I was not sure how my father would look, and he looked great. The embalmer did a great job! We have no complaints! Nothing negative to say! There was a recording of the service which was really neat. It has been nice to listen to it again. It was so clear. In regards to Aftercare--I appreciate you! You have been very helpful! This is a wonderful service and you have been wonderful and most helpful! Amy, Charles', daughter said, "I am a lot like my father. If he were here, he would so appreciate the service you provided to my mother." This service is top notch!