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Jerri Jensen

16 days ago

I think Franklin County Funeral home is fantastic! They are kind, courteous, and sensitive to your needs. I recently lost my dad and 4 months later lost my mother. Todd was so helpful and guided me through all the steps that needed to be taken. When my mom passed I called him at 3:30 am and he was there within 20 minutes. When you have to deal with a loss of a parent, your so grief-stricken that your mind is a blur. Todd went beyond the call of duty to make sure all our needs were taken care of. This facility is a great asset to our community and very cost-effective. I highly recommend them.

MaRee Carter

8 days ago

I am very impressed with the professionalism, respect, and thoughtfulness we received as we planned and carried out the viewing and funeral of our young family member that passed away. Todd is very respectful and never rushed the family in making any decisions and allowed all the time we wanted to spend with our loved one before and during the visitation. Todd exceeded our family's expectations in all of our interactions with him, he answered our questions and gave very helpful suggestions. On another very positive note, Franklin County Funeral Home is much less expensive than any other funeral home I have used and we were treated with more respect and professionalism. I have had a few other family members pass away and used another funeral home and was treated very differently and felt like we were a bother and they just wanted our money. I would give Todd 10 stars if I could, we are very pleased and will refer all of our friends and family to Franklin County Funeral Home Thanks Todd!!.

Darlene Johnson

3 months ago

When my mother passed away in May 2021 my family and I turned to Franklin County Funeral Home for our funeral needs. I am so grateful that we did. Mr. Goodsell was so very personable to work with. I truly felt it was his sincere desire to do all he could to help us through this most painful experience and his skills are first rate. My mom looked beautifully natural as she lay in her casket-just as if she were taking a nap. His pricing is so very reasonable too. We are 110% satisfied with Mr. Goodsell and Franklin County Funeral Home. We highly recommend them.

Jo Ann Andersen

3 months ago

Todd was amazing to work with. Very compassionate, listened to our needs and wants. Everything turned out perfect. Couldn't have asked for better service.

Kathryn Rawson

7 months ago

Thank you for your compassionate and professional care when we lost our loved one. We appreciated you guiding us through the process and the reasonable pricing.

Russ Katich

7 months ago

The Franklin County Funeral Home met all of my family's needs. They were courteous, very helpful and their prices reasonable. I would recommend the Franklin County Funeral Home to anyone.


7 months ago

Our daughter passed away in December 2019. It was a very emotional, and what made it worse is she was living in Washington at the time. Our primary concern was to bring her home to have a proper ceremony for her, but we had no idea on how to accomplish this. There were a lot of legal loop holes we just couldn't navigate. We were referred to Todd by a family friend. We knew that our daughter wanted to be cremated, and when we met with Todd, he walked us through the process of bringing our girl home. Todd handled everything... from communication with the authorities in Washington, cremation, transport, putting a lovely tribute to our daughter online, and the vessels for her remains so we could give them to family. As painful as this time was for us, Todd was amazing with his support, caring, and genuine concern for our well being. We have our daughter's vessel in our home and look at it every day. We feel peace and comfort having her home, and know we couldn't have had closure without Todd & Franklin County Funeral Home.

Nancy Cale

7 months ago

Our family lost our dear mother almost two years ago in May. We were so appreciative of the assistance and kindness we received from Franklin County Funeral Home in making the necessary arrangements. It was an experience handled with professionalism beyond our expectations.

Blake Atkin

7 months ago

These people were great. Because of a move a long time before my Mother in law's death we had some complications with a prepaid funeral plan. They took the problem on without any effort on my part and got it all taken care of without us having to pay anything in addition. Their help at such a time was greatly appreciated.

Donna Clark

7 months ago

My mother had passed away last year and I was devastated. I chose Franklin County Funeral Home to help me with her service. I felt so comfortable entrusting them with her and am so glad I did. Compassion and kindness are irreplaceable at a time like this. Todd took care of Mom as if she was his own mother. I can t thank you enough for your caring ways. Since then I have made preparations for myself with Franklin County and I feel very confident I have made the best possible choice. Thank you ever so much Mr.Goodsell, and you have put my worries at ease for when my time comes.

Mindy Nicholas

7 months ago

The Franklin County Funeral Home provided funeral arrangements for my father, Charles Nicholas. They were compassionate and caring to my family. Todd promptly came from Preston to pickup my father in the middle of the night in Malad. He put a special covering of a flag over my father, who was a veteran. It was a nice touch and deeply appreciated. He was respectful and caring. I wholeheartedly recommend this funeral home.

Norma Ogborn

7 months ago

I didn't know a thing about funeral arrangements and all it entailed until my husband passed away. Todd was recommended to me so I called him. He came to my house and explained the entire process and had so many suggestions that helped us save several thousand dollars for a 5 star funeral. He made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. He arranged everything here in Tremonton at no extra cost including the military service. I truly don't know what we would have done without him. When we, the kids and i, saw Ron in the casket he looked like he would just sit up and talk to us. Funerals are hard Tood always had the right words for us to help ease the pain in our hearts. He told us how to handle applying for social security and started it in motion. Todd you are our angle here on earth. Needless to say I gave him my paper work to handle my funeral when the time comes . Thank you again Todd, I feel very comfortable knowing when I pass that you'll have my kids in your arms to help them through thre process.

Nyla Spackman

7 months ago

Thank you Todd and Franklin County Funeral Home for the care you took of my mom at a difficult time for our family. Your compassion and caring for her and our family was remarkable.

Mary Trujillo

10 months ago

Todd is a true professional, guiding us step by step through planning my father’s funeral. He helped create a beautiful memorial service, providing some nice extras like a video he made of our family photos to play during the viewing. He took care of every detail and made the whole process as easy as it could be, during a difficult time. I highly recommend Franklin County Funeral Home.

Madison Spackman

7 days ago

They were wonderful. They treated us with respect and love at the passing of my grandma. we were well informed and treated with respect and compassion. I have nothing but praise and appreciation for them.

Jim Coronity

2 years ago

We were fortunate to have Franklin County Funeral Home provide funeral arrangements for our father, Bob Coronity. The visitation services at the Preston, ID Funeral Home were beyond our expectations! By choosing a family-owned mortuary, I am convinced that we got something extra...people who truly CARED ABOUT OUR FAMILY.

Jennifer Castle

2 years ago

I have nothing but great things to say about Franklin Funeral Home. Todd went way above and beyond to help us. Preston is lucky to have Franklin County Funeral home. Not every city/town has their own funeral home. Many are ran by bigger businesses. Todd, Thank You for all your extra care and your extreme patience with our situation.

Brad White

2 years ago

I have had the privilege of working with Todd for several years now. He is as compassionate and caring a person as I know. Personally he has experienced the thoughts, anxiety, and feelings that accompany the loss of a loved one. We all grieve differently, Todd takes the time and interest for that process to to work on each of us.

Coralee Balls

2 years ago

Franklin County Funeral Home treated our family with the utmost respect and care. Never once did we feel like we were being overridden or rushed. They also have a great set up that catered to our needs to celebrate the life as well as mourn the loss of our loved family member. I would highly recommend this funeral home, and I hope their business continues to prosper so they can help others through a tough time like they did for me and my family.

Shanna Neeley

2 years ago

I wish to thank the staff of Franklin County Funeral Home for the kindness that was shown to my family at my mothers passing. We were treated with respect and compassion from the very beginning to the end of the services and even afterwards. They made a hard time in our lives a so much easier to deal with. A truly great place.

Shani Poyner

2 years ago

Todd helped me lay my sweet baby to rest. He was kind and compassionate yet got the business side of things done. I didn’t have to worry about anything except saying goodbye. Todd is at this point family to me. I will only recommend his services to anyone and everyone who experiences loss or is preparing now.

Angie Porter

2 years ago

Todd made everything easy for our family during this difficult time. The charming little funeral home was perfect for us!

Tony Gilbert

2 years ago

The loss of a loved one brings added stress in making funeral and burial plans. Todd at Franklin County Funeral Home in Preston helped make our experience less painful by listening to our specific wishes and offering knowledgeable options, including help with unique tributes and ways to reduce costs. Our family was comforted in relying upon Todd's expertise which allowed us more time for our personal grieving. Seems weird to recommend a mortuary, but in this case I absolutely do. Nothing wrong with a little competition.

Linda Cutler

2 years ago

Todd is very caring and compassionate! He will take good care of you and your family

Brenda Thomas

2 years ago

I could not have had a more compassionate or articulate funeral director. My loss was sudden, and Todd Goodsell gently and expertly walked me through the process from the minute he arrived until the entire process was concluded. He was available every moment seeing to my needs and answering questions. Professional, kind, and genuinely compassionate. Highly recommended.